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My Cooling Problem

This is bugging me. I have a Volcano 7+ on an XP2000+ overclocked to 1725 MHz. When I first installed the HSF, idle temps were about 39-40 C and full load about 44-45 C. After about 2 weeks, the idle temp starts to climb to 45-46 C idle and 48-49 C full load!

So, I took off the HSF, cleaned the bottom, applied a little bit of Arctic Silver 3, and re-installed it. Perfect: temps back to where they should be.

Now, it has been about 2 weeks and the temps are climbing again! Before anyone says anything, let me say I am putting the correct amount of TIM on the CPU: Just enough so the core is fully covered. There is only a tiny bit of "oversquish" of TIM on the sides of the core. Therefore, the issue isn't about too much or too little TIM.

The HSF uses the 3-hole clamping style so contact pressure can't be the problem. The temperature in this room is fairly constant too. I keep the fan speed to medium cause the noise on high is too much. I am not using a shim either.

One thing I do notice when I remove the HSF to clean it: The bottom is "dirty" with a sort of film (oxidation?) I have to use alcohol and scrub to remove it. Is there an issue with the Arctic Silver contacting the copper? I am thinking of trying the plain white stuff the HSF came with as a test.

Anyone else have this type of problem or suggest a way to fix it? The part that bugs me is the fact it takes about 2-3 weeks for this to happen.
Hmmph :(

I would like to hope it isn't that...

Anyway, I removed the HSF and it had that film I was talking about. So I cleaned it again and decided to try the generic white grease the HSF came with. The temps dropped to 38 C right away. Even under full load, it reached only 44 C. The temps are about the same as when I use Arctic Silver. Oh well.

I did get the full load temp to 29 C, but I had to open the window and it is about -2 C outside. I don't think the wife will appreciate having to wear her winter jacket and gloves to write emails. :rolleyes:

The real test will be in about 2-3 weeks I guess.
Hipster: No, I guess they aren't really that high, but the fact they climb bugs me. I have never simply let it go to see how high they will go. I feel with my current cooling solution (Volcano7+) and the case cooling I have, the temps should be, and remain, what they are now. The fact they mysteriously go higher is not something I wish to "accept".

Plus I've heard that the method for measuring Athlon temps on the mobo is not as accurate as Intel's method. So maybe my temps are at 50. I really am looking at how they change relative to time rather than the absolute number.


I have an Athlon T-bird 1.0 Ghz with the Volcano 7+ with just the right amount of thermal stuff on it and everything, and my temps are always around 47-52 C... and I am running the Volcano at High speed... it gets down to 45 C with the side off.. I have no clue why my stuff wont cool down... It does the same thing when I put my friends T-bird in too.. any suggestions??
Wow! My wife's CPU is an Ahtlon 1.0GHz T-bird (default 100MHz FSB) and it sits around 34ish C with a stock cooler (from a newer XP2000). Even when I increase the FSB to 133MHz making the CPU now run at 1.33GHz, it sits at about 41 C. How is the airflow in your case? Ambient (room) temps make a big difference too.

Anyway, I just read something that is pretty interesting with regard to thermal goop: http://www.dansdata.com/goop.htm
It's also quite entertaining. I don't know how accurate or reliable it is though, but I might just get rid of my Arctic Sliver and use Vegemite or toothpaste instead (you have to read the article to understand). :D


Check your motherboard. I have had this 1.333 gig athlon for a while now (not in my computer) and I have tried it on a few different motherboards. I used it in my parents computer wich is an epox ep-8kta3+ and in that system it climbs perty high with a volcano 7 or a volcano 8 both with copper bottoms. but when I put it on my fic at-31 fusion extreame it drops way low with the volcano 7 or 8. You did everything right. Check your voltage settings. Did you squish the tube around a whole bunch to mix up the compound. If you dont do that all you will get out is a seperated chemicals that will dry up and become unusful for cooling. This is the biggest mistake that I have seen people do. You have to make sure it is fully mixed up. Whether its arctic silver or the white stuff that comes with the processor. Try this. It may solve your cooling problems
Voltage settings are at the normal default levels. Everything else seems OK.

The next time I remount my HSF (let's see if the temps change after 2 weeks with the generic goo), I'll try mixing the Arctic Silver first. But it had decent consistency and wasn't greasy or uneven.

It's just weird how it takes two or three weeks for it to do this. It's not like the HSF is so hot it's breaking down the TIM either.


The compound unmixed or not will not be greasy or anything like that. It is two compounds similar in composition, color and texture in most cases. Thats why they have you mix it thoughroughly
Did you squish the tube around a whole bunch to mix up the compound. If you dont do that all you will get out is a seperated chemicals that will dry up and become unusful for cooling.
OK, This part is confusing me: My tube of Arctic Sliver III is in a syringe. You can't "squish" it unless you crush the casing. Are you referring to Thermal paste?

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