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my computer keeps crashing...

Ok, after a certain amout of time... my computer crashes...

I have 2 monitors... so I get a blue screen on the second monitor displaying some message and my computer shuts down... and then it restarts...

After complete restart... I get a message dialog saying this...

The system has recovered from a serious error.

A log of this error has been created.

For more information about this error. Click here.

when I click on the link... i get this...

Error signature --------------------------------------

BCCode : 76 BCP1 : 00000000 BCP2 : 8196F690 BCP3 : 00000011
BCP4 : 00000000 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 0_0 Product : 256_1

To view technical information about this error report, click here.

Then, when I click here again...

The following files will be included in this report:


Thanks a lot...


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Yes, check your computer temp. Did you put the computer together? Does it shut down when you are playing games. It's a possibility that the computer is overheating. Make sure your bios overheat alarm is set to the correct temp. This will save your CPU. I wouldn't dissable the automatic restart. If that is the problem your having it's keeping your computer from overheating and frying.


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Well I think Hipster Doofus is trying to help Syedur and by turning off autorestart and actually writing down the error message Syedur is getting before the reboot, which I feel would be very helpful in trying to resolve the problem. I would also say that knowing more bout the system would be of help.


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I think he's already posted the error message. True, knowing more about the system would be helpful. I was just agreeing with the Iceman there. It's a common issue, overheating.


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Well there is a lot of info on the M$ KnowelgeBase the only problem is that u have two different errors listed and both give me results over 20 so I think a little more system info would be very helpful. Like the kind of cpu, video card, sound card, modem, and what version of XP. As they may or may not be related to each other
hmm... well... here is the deal...
I have disabled the restart... but I haven't goten the error message yet...
how do I go about checking the bios' over heating or not?


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Warning messing with ur settings in BIOS can do harm to ur system.

Ok to get in to the BIOS u will need to restart and on the screen that lists ur drives, cpu, ram installed it should tell u what key to push to enter setup. That said one of the most common keys for accessing BIOS is the delete key. Once ur in to the BIOS there will be different kinds of settings and category's you'll have to use ur keyboard to move around on the BIOS but look at everything on each page and see if it lists the temps. I would not recommend changing any of the other settings in the BIOS if u don't know what u r doing. Now since I've never encounter this problem I'm not sure what u would need to do to change if u find it listing the temps, so I'm gone as far as I can to get u there but since I've never encounter the problem I'm not for sure where to look for the temps and also not knowing a lot bout your system doesn't make it any easier to trouble shot. The things that would be helpful for anybody trying to help u on here is post the spec's of the system and the more info u can provide bout the system the better the trouble shooting will get.


mine dose this aswell

I spoke to a guy who maintaines my pc and he said try the memory i have the same probs same error message so he is going to lend me some new memory and see what it dose:confused:

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