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My CD-ROM and CD Burner are not showing up


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Hi guys, I have a bit of a problem. All of a sudden my cd-rom and cd burner are not showing up. I tried a system restore and that didn't work. When I go into my device manager there is a yellow exclamation point next to each of the drives and an error message that says the devices are not detected. I tried uninstalling then reinstalling the drives, but windows would not allow me to do it. Does anybody have any idea what the problem could be? Also, I don't know much about computers so if you could respond in layman's terms, that would be greatly appreciated. Oh and I'm running Windows XP Professional Edition. Thanks


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I had a problem sort of like that where my CD software wouldn't see my burner. Oddly, just changing to drive to something else and then returning it to the old drive letter fixed it.

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Are they on the same ide channel ? If yes, you could delete the ide channel they're on, reboot, and Windows should reinstall it or reinstall 4in1 if your motherboard is Via based.


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Okay, I have know idea what an ide channel is or how to go about checking to see if they're on the same channel, nor do I know how to delete the ide channel. Also, I haven't installed anything new on my computer.


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Right click on the IDE channel in Device Manager and there's an option to uninstall. Reboot and Windows should pick it up.

Have you installed any thing by Pinnacle, Alcohol, CloneCD/DVD or any app that install virtual Drives?

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