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Hey guys. I just recently bought me a new car, a 1994 Honda Civic EX coupe (2drs). The only problem with the car is the speakers.. i mean, when it was new, the sound system im sure was great, because it looks like a premium sound setup. I have 6 1/2 components in back and 6 1/2 in back. Anyway, the speakers are completely blown, not from use but from old age and corrosion I believe. The whole outside of cone is not connected anymore, the stuff that is between em is completely gone. From this you should probably agree my sound sux now.. I hear crack now instead of base hits :) So, what do you guys suggest I get for my car. Im eventually gonna get some subs and an amp, but for now, I just wanna fix up my speakers for front and back. I have a Kenwood MP3 cd player, so that is nothin to be worried about. I have around 300 bucks to spend, and I want the highs to be crisp and clear. If anyone has any suggestions, be sure to make em ;)

This is the ones i have and they are awesome , i had to stick my mirror down with supa glue as the vibration kept making it fall down :)

I wish i had $300 to spend :(

6-3/4" fanatic X Components
6-3/4" titanium-plated IMPP woofers with Thermo Plastic Rubber surrounds • 3/4" silk dome tweeters • 2-way Butterworth crossovers with tweeter protection circuits and output level control • frequency response 35-20,000 Hz • power range 8-70 watts RMS

This is where i get all my sound equipment from
I have Kove Speakers in my Trans Am. They put out incredible sound. if you want to read about them or see pics.

I have two 6x9's in the back and two 4x6 in the fronts and they have been the best I have heard. I also have an amplified Bazooka Tube in the hatch of the car... I didn't really need big subs cause its a hatch and not muffled by a trunk. :)

But it sounds real clear. :)
I have two Kicker Impulse 6 1/2's in the back of my car and two Impulse 6x9's in the doors with an Alpine deck (CDM-7871). They put out the perfect amount of bass with no distortion. Everything is crystal clear and sounds exactly how I want it to sound. But, keep in mind, I'm one of those types of people that enjoy hearing all ranges of my music and feel that subs are overkill. If my HAIR is vibrating, there is too much bass. And I am considerate of other people who most likely do not want to hear the lower ranges of my music as I drive by.
seems like no one realy has one oppinion.. theres soo many speakers out there.. cant nvidia just make some car speakers.. im sure theyd be good.. and they could call em Geforce Sound Systems

yer i was spoilt for choice when i went to buy mine

bass is the main thing :)

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