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MX5000 Logitech Wireless Keyboard


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I am sorry I have to post here again about stuff.

I got the the keyboard and mouse wireless setup. It is suppose to show me details about programs and games, and I look through all the settings in the software, which I have detect game enabled and all options that look like its for showing information enabled. Yet nothing happens in game or in program. I was reading instructions and there is suppose to be an advanced tab but I do not have that, I can't find it anywhere.

I was hoping someone had this keyboard and mouse setup before hand. I was searching Logitech's forums earlier but they are insane to get help from.

Please help me out, I have been searching the internet for an answer but with out any luck.


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I think they are installed correctly, I installed drivers from a disc, which were older, then downloaded those and installed those over the old one.

Should I try removing everything completely and then installing?

*reinstalled, yet nothing new, same old stuff. Plus could this be screwing with my games.

Half Life 2 E1 (assuming E2 and others) have sound issues, and so does ET Quake Wars.

These games I have had working before the keyboard and mouse, if it was a demo or not, they were working fine before hand.
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Well installing doesn't always work. I think the file you download extracts to a folder before actually installing. Maybe try going to the device in the control panel or device manager and choosing to update the driver? When you do this, point to the extracted location - has worked for me from time to time. Alot of times installers will skip certain .inf files if the drivers are not signed, yet when you do it manually you can be prompted and click on "install anyways" or whatever it says.


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I have done that, and have gotten the message and I click install anyways.

I don't understand this, has anyone here used this keyboard and mouse before?


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I have sucked it up and joined the Logitech forums. I hate creating accounts I will only use once, but it looks like you guys aren't the ones to fix this problem this time.

If you still have ideas, please post, and if I get this solved over there I will post back with the solution that worked for me. Let's hope I can figure this out.



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We obviously are a forum here to help and all try to do what we can. Not all problems can be solved here, but there is definitely nothing wrong with going to the manufacturer for support since they know the product best :)

Sharing the solution would be appreciated if you get it!


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I know that, I didn't mean to sound like you guys suck, WHY didn't you help, you guys pretty much have helped me learn what I know today. I was just saying I guess this one I am on my own.

Thanks guys, and yes I will post here for other people to learn.


so some how I was mistaken with this keyboard and it does not support game/program information, that is the M15 that does that.
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