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Does anyone play MVP Baseball 2004? I am currently 50 games into my first year in dynasty mode. I love the game but I am not very good at predicting balls and strikes. I only have a total of ~12 team walks, most of them intentional. Has anyone figured out a way to judge balls and strikes better?



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I play it on XBOX. I am currently on game 80 or so. As far as judging pitches, you need to watch the release point. I sometimes find it hard, but once you get used to it, then it is ok. If you just learn how to work the count, then you should be successful. It is a great game. Last year it was All Star Baseball 2004, but ASB 2K5 sucks now, and with EA coming back out with a baseball franchise, I jumped right on this title. I have bought almost every EA title since NBA Live 98. Whether it be soccer, basketball, baseball, or football. These people know how to do sports games. Good luck in your season.


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Don't worry o_87, in a week you will be sadly watching baseball and lickin yer hockey wounds. :p

Hey Matt, how ya been? Yeah release point but also look up opposing Pitchers stats... what they throw. You may be able to guage them better that way also. Also time yer swings and time the pitches, you may have to take a few pitches 'til ya get the timing down. Take notes on the Pitchers you face, it's a long season. You will face them again. :)


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Hey gonaads. Things are going quite well all considering. How about you?

Okay, give me some more tips. I try and watch the release point but I usually guess wrong. What is a good sign that his release point is going to make it a ball? How do you usually tell? I always check out the scouting report before the game to see what kind of stuff the pitcher is going to have. I am usually pretty good at timing by swings; but I tend to swing at balls way out of the zone. Thanks!

Hi o____.


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Currently have it for PS2, recently won the world series moving onto next season, online mode is awesome, love the games that go extra innings.

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