[must see] burning salt water

Re: must see] burning salt water

so how much energy is the radio wave generator using?

edit:not sure how well it could be adapted for an auto engine short of moving back to sterling engine. The burning salt water does not produce combustion that modern engines use.
Re: must see] burning salt water

so how much energy is the radio wave generator using?

good point, I did think of the return vs the investment, never the less it's interesting to see
Re: must see] burning salt water

Thats pretty incredible, hopefully its real and takes off. I would hate something like this to get gobbled up by some big business and then just vanish.

Thats a fairly large generator as well, as with all technologies the size and power consumption can be reduced if someone dumps a bit of R&D time into it. Being how small it would need to be for an engine, the generator could be much smaller as well. I could see it being used in a traditional combustion engine, albeit a modified design but still applicable with some creativity.
Re: must see] burning salt water

Imagine one day driving your car up to the beach and filling the tank with sea water and driving away. Daaaaamn, that is something. :eek:
Re: must see] burning salt water

LOL imagine if he became the man that cured cancer and solved the energy crisis. They'd have to make a special category in the Nobel prize.
Re: must see] burning salt water

so how much energy is the radio wave generator using?

Yeah, that's one question that popped into my head while I was watching this too. The problem with using hydrogen for energy is while its one of the most abundant elements on the planet, right now oil is still gives you the biggest bang for the buck in terms of how much energy we put in and how much energy it gives back out.

But yeah, how efficient that machine is in terms of energy input is the big question.

Still a very cool invention.
"Amazingly, the paper towel didn't burn" !??

This is too similar to those american news clips from The Day Today or Brass Eye for me not to get suspicious...

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