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Must Read for exteral Zip Disk Users!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have just found out the hard way why not to put your zip drive next to your speakers!!!!!!!! i have a disk that all the files on are lost!! i have used every recovery software i can get and they all fail to recover the data!!! don't let my mistake be yours!!!!! if you have one move it now!!!! check your files!!! Please don't let this happen to you!!!!!!


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i dont use it but r u sure that was the problem? i just did a google search and couldnt find anything about it unless nobody ever posted it on the internet?


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i'm sure it has never been addressed. But i have done my process of elimination and the speaker magnet is the only culprit i can come up with.


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In my experience, a speaker magnet is not powerful enough to wipe a disk of any type, unless it is a huge woofer and you hold the media right up to it. Most likely there is another issue.

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