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I was just wondering if anyone knew a good program for ripping vocals from tracks, which can be then remixed into other tracks? The bedroom remixing scene is rife with good "vs" style music, and I just wondered what software and hardware is required to rip the vocals.

Advice please!


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Its only possible if you have access to a studio with hundreds of filters.

Buy a record with an acapella on or maybe download an mp3 version if you want it to sound ****.


I've just been informed software filters can work, to remove drums from tracks. Can any1 confirm this, and if so, which peice of software?


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ok, it is impossible to remove any one instrument from a mix completely and isolate it. but if the instrument is mixed dead center, a good job can still be done. it has to do with inverting one channel and subtracting the differences. There are some programs and/or plugins that can do this. Best is to use a pro sound editor (soundforge, cooledit, etc) and get the plugins.

Head on over to and you should be able to find out everything you need to know about that and any other audio related question you may have. Use the search function when there, someone just recently asked about this.


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if you have other stuff in the mid-range frequencies, its impossible to get a crisp acapella because you will still hear bits of snare and kicks and hihats and whatever elements are in there.

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