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muscle cars

Sazar - that's not a Muscle Car, it's a "Jap Import" :)

Patriot, you have my vote - my favourite car of all time is the old Barracuda, love them :D Also I'm a big fan of Pontiac Firebirds, as is my sisters boyfriend who is looking to buy one in the near future.


Beware the Monkeys!!!
I used own one of these. I miss the car. Great to drive and so many horses under the hood!!! 320 to be exact.

Mine had the stock wheels, with the Mercury hubcaps. Other than that, the picture says it all!!!


Beware the G-Man
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This has always been my favorite. 1966 Corvette 427 Rodster.

What bugs me is that one of my cousins has pristine red orange one with white racing stripes. :(

Son Goku

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Unleashed said:
Sazar - that's not a Muscle Car, it's a "Jap Import" :)
I must say, after my recent experience (another story), I might try a Jap Import on my next purchase. One thing's for certain, I won't go back to the dealer I last went to. :eek:

Well carry on :D


The Voices Talk to Me
Well the Cuda, is one of my favorites. I also have a thing for Camaro's. I used to own a '86 Camaro, I was going to put a custom built 396ci engine in it with a Vortch Supercharger at 12lbs of boost. That baby would have put 430Hp to the wheels with 370 lbs of torque.

I can't wait till I can build that car again.

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