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Mucho Help with Icons, Por favor


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I just formatted my computer and everything I did with my icons was sort of left in the past. So I need some information on these things:

1. Getting rid of the back up shell32.dll.

When I replace the shell32.dll with the one I backed up from my old computer nothing happens. I know it's because there's a back up shell32.dll that windows xp has that backs up the original shell32 if anything happens to it.

Now I did a search of the forum and I found a dead link that was supposed to show me how to fix that problem so the back up shell32 wouldn't mess with my modified one. Could someone find me a working link and post it?

2. Icon size

Once again, all the links that show me how to change the icon size from my registry are dead, could someone tell me how to do it or just give me a working link and what size is a good size to have for my icons?

If anyone could answer these I would be greatful.


I can only be of limited help because I'm not running WinXP ATM, but I'll give it a shot from memory :)

1. Look in your Windows directory for a folder called dllcache, I think it was Windows|System|dllcache... It is hidden by default (as I recall) so you first have to make sure that hidden folder viewing is enabled. Anyway, in the folder is a backup of shell32.dll, so delete it from that location, and proceed to actually replace it in the System(32?) folder ...

2. As for your icons, rick click on your desktop, select properties, and then click on the tab called Appearance, I think ... It's the tab where you can change your theme ... Anyway, there is a drop down box on that page, and using the box you can select (and change) your icon size. I always set mine to 72, which gave me large icons on the desktop, and reasonably oversized Start menu icons. You can change how your icons look within individual folders by changing the view, list/icon/etc ...

Hope this helps, as I said I don't even have WinXP right now, so this all from memory (I last saw a machine running WinXP in May) ... lol ... I'm sure other people here can steer you in the right direction if my suggestions don't work, if not, I'll be back in business with a WinXP machine in about three weeks ...




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thanks mavis,

1. turns out the dllcache is hidden some where in the System32 folder. For those who are having the same problem that I was, just copy and paste this into your address bar.


2. The icon size method works sort of--it gives me the option between small and large icons, it doesn't let me tell what number size i want (72X72, 32X32, etc).

I remember before I had to go into my registry and I had to modify something to specify a specific size. If anyone remembers where in the registry this is, please post it. I think it was called Iconsize in the registry.


here's a zip file that has already made reg files so all you need to do is double click them and merge into the registry, or do it manually if you prefer.

the other place where you need to delete the shell32 file is go to %systemroot%/ServicePackFiles/I386

and also the dllcache like before.

i've heard that you will need to rehack the new shell32.dll, the old one won't work with sp1

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