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ok I'm putting this here but I may move it since it might not be for pc gaming...

I have an incredibly fast internet connection but I have a problem having ventrilo and CS:S running at the same time.
my friend had the same problem and when he contacted I think someone from the router company they said to do something with his that's all I got from him, no extra details so I'm clueless...if anyone can help...please do

I would bet j79zlr would have some good info for this


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Perris had some problem where lowering his MTU had fixed it. This seems counter intuitive to me, but if it works it works. Optimally the MTU should be 1500, if you are using PPPoE it is 1492 because of the 8 byte overhead imposed by PPPoE authentication. If you are using XP's native PPPoE your MTU should be 1480. If you are using a router and having it control PPPoE, your MTU should be set to 1492 at the router. If you use AOL, your MTU has to be 1400 because of the 100byte overhead used to spy on you [not kidding].

My guess is one of the two things you are trying to run is using all of your upload bandwith thereby choking up the TCP pipeline. When your upload is maxed, your download slows to a halt because the SACK's can't be received.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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thanks j, I knew you'd be the one to respond...ha
well I guess since I'm not using PPPoE it wouldn't do anything anyway...I think I'm going to fiddle with my vent settings and do something from there...

EDIT...You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to j79zlr again.

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