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Hi Guys,

Thanks for helping me out previously. Recently I have upgraded my Norton Anti Virus 2002 to NAV 2003. Upon completion of this update, a strange thing started to happen, that is MSN Messenger starts by itself to connect to the net.

I am using Win XP Pro and thus have MSN Messenger 4.6 installed, but I have also installed MSN Messenger 5.0 thus in my hard disk under program files, I have 2 folders being Messenger for 4.6 and MSN Messenger 5.0

The problem is, I don't use the 4.6 version, but why did it auto start after the upgrade? It wasn't like this before .. now I have to remove it from Add/Remove program but it is still doing the same thing .. :( Is there a way to permanently remove it pleasE? :(

Thank you...
If it's starting with windows, log in and uncheck the load with windows box in the options. It can also be launched when you open MSN explorer, internet explorer, or Outlook. Outlook has a setting to not launch messenger on open. It may or may not have anything to do with the A/V, so try those first. I think there's a registry tweak out there that does that too. If you want to get rid of it altogether, you can pretty safely just delete the folder and or the files in it.
it has everything to do with the msn messenger protection that norton has... disable it, and you will be able to exit messenger properly once it's been opened, and it will not try to automatically connect either...

for instructions on how to totally remove msn messenger, you don't need them just add/remove programs... windows messenger however, you can do a quick google of the ntfs site and find instructions in other posts...


--== babyface ==--

Thank you .. Thank you !! It is indeed Norton Anti Virus 2003 !! Disabled the damn bloody feature and restart the machine .. everything looks fine now :mad:

Anyway .. another problem yet again .. this time .. my printer :(

Tried to print something from Microsoft Word and an error pops up saying there is no printer installed !!

Puzzled I check under Printers and Faxes .. Suprisingly there is really no printer installed !! :( I actually have a HP Laser Jet 5L installed and was working fine before this !! So I checked the cables and the power supply .. printer was fine everything ok ! Clicked on add printer and another error message pops up saying Operation could not be completed??? :huh:

What is wrong again?? This is my worst experience with Norton !!
Any help please?


By any chance did you recently do a live update with Norton?
I did just this morning... and after the update it wiped out my sound, messenger would start up when windows finally started 15 min. after log in, and wiped out my printer and camera.
Couldn't figure it out so I reformated... loaded everything again and got NIS updates again... and it just wiped out my sound and took forever to load.
NIS was telling me that I needed Administrator permission to log in.
Wrote Symantic about this.
Formated again... and loaded NIS without doing all the updates.
Works fine now without the newer NAV 2003 update, redirector update, and common client update.
And I'm not touching it until I hear back from Symantic either :)


Possible Symantec Liveupdate problem??

I ran liveupdate last night on NIS2003, and it blocked access to the net on my PC...I have to disable the firewall to use the net.. I am going to re-format in the next day or so..

This sounds like a dodgy update on symatec's liveupdate, i've never had a problem before with it. I will email symantec and find out what's happening.
Personally I've found PC-cillin to be better than Norton 2003.

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Looks like this is some problem with NAV 2003 eh?? :mad:

I have actually been quite happy with Norton Anti Virus all this while but this new upgrade certainly didn't do much help. Luckily its just Messenger and Printer problems .. and both solved after having discussed here :eek:

I mailed Symantec yesterday too .. haven't got any reply since but the print spooler was not started in the service for me so after starting it the printer showed up IMMEDIATELY !! :D