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MSN Messenger Problems on XP Pro

I know this Forum has proberbly popped up from somewhere before but i really need your help because this is really bugging me. I cant send files or start voice chats with my buddies on MSN Messenger when i am using Windows XP Professional. Could someone explain to me in detail or in piece by piece on how you can resolve this problem at all. I really need your help.

Thank you for your time

Sincerly Alex:(


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Make sure the Internet Connection Firewall is disabled. Open your connection's properties and uncheck it under the Advanced tab

Are you behind anything like a router, ICS, Proxy, or other internet sharing device?

I havent set up to be behind any ICS's or Routers.. could they be Default set up? or do i have to set them up? If i have to then im not behind any of them. Ive disabled the Internet Connection Firewall and my Norton Firewall but still no luck :(



Ya um, tried reinstalling?
DSL doesnt work over MSN (Voice) Either does cable. It has to be dial up.

As for sending files. I know man i never used to be able to but now i reformatted and reinstalled and it seems to have fixed itself (funny how computers have a way of doing that eh?)

Hope i helped a bit.

peace out!
lol... PML ROFL LMAO....

Thats just grand, im not long got ADSL and now it doesnt work with MSN.. helpful :p I dont see the point in all the expense for DSL considerin nothin works for it.. grrrrr

Thanx Mirage :)

But are there any other ideas i could try.. maybe bypassing that sort of problem?

Sincerly Alex :(


no no no

u can send files over any connection. its probably your isp. they probably set something up so you cant send files. i cant send files either. so try phoning your isp and seeing if they could unblock the connection.


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Alex, you can send or receive files using Messenger with any type of internet connection. If you cant send or receive files the most likely reason is that either the sender or receiver is behind a firewall or a proxy server that is blocking the ports necessary for file transfer. If you do not have a firewall and the other person doesn't have a firewall and you still cannot send or receive files then either your ISP or the other person's ISP is probably using proxy servers. As pegasus said you can try calling your ISP to see if they will unblock the ports or you could just try using one of the other IM programs to do the file transfer with. I have found that I have fewer problems doing file transfers with ICQ than I have with Messenger.

As far as voice chat goes I dont think you can do a voice chat between Windows Messenger (XP) and MSN Messenger (98, ME), I do know that you cannot do a video connection between XP and 98 using Messenger. Again try one of the other IM programs, voice chat works great in ICQ.

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yes just to say you can send files with DSL on messenger I do I am on bell's high speed sympatico ..... here in Canada and I am able to send and recieve files on messenger ........ so its not that


I have windows messnger and im running xp home edition, i cant send files but i can recieve them, i have no firewalls set up with xp and even when i disable my other firewall (norton personal firewall) it still happens, i have aol broadband so i can share my connection so it isnt an ics option either! - what can i do?!? - i have a 2 pc network but this problem was before that... any help... please - CAN YOU EMAIL ME AS I DONT GET ACCESS TO THIS SITE TOO OFTEN!


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