msn messenger and kazaa


Dabba Dooba
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when someone ims me or i im someone it has a error and i tried many times downloading msn messenger and it still does it and kazaa doesnt work either when its installing it cant find a file


Dabba Dooba
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msn and kazaa

Ok On msn messenger when the instant message screen comes up it has a error message and ask me to send or not send report. And i have downloaded it bout 2 other times and still does the same thing. and kazaa or kazaa lite when one of them installs it has a error message in the install not from xp and if anyone can help me please tell me


Dabba Dooba
Political User
well i got kazaa lite to work so i dont need to worry bout that but msn still doesnt work when i try to talk to someone


Dabba Dooba
Political User
and i dont have anyone on my buddy list on msn so i cant show u what it looks like but when someone does i will send it as fast as i can

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