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msn messanger and other annoying programs


Real Name No Gimmicks
you can disable the msn messanger:

open messanger, click on tools, and on options.

take the third tabpage, Preferences and uncheck 'run this program when windows starts' and 'allow this program to run in the background'.

Messanger will still start when you visit hotmail or start outlook / outlook express.

There is an option in outlook express to disable it:

start outlook express and click on tools, and options. there, on the first page you will see 'automatically log me on to windows messanger'. Uncheck it. I think Outlook has something like that too.

As for windows update: try disabling automatic updates. you can do that somewhere in 'system' in control panel. Don't know where exactly, as for the moment i'm working on a NT4 box.



how do i totally remove outlook express? even though i have netscape set as my default mail program in IE, and netscape, outlook still opens when clicking an mailto: link.

Mister Zee

Why do you come on a Windows XP forum if all you want is to uninstall everything from MS on it? Anyway...

I don't see why you should uninstall OE 6. Just learn to setup Internet Options properly (*cough* Programs tab *cough*). If you change the default mail program there, you can set it to whatever you like, depending on what you have installed.

If you're a netscape fan, ask yourself why. If your answer is only "because I hate mycrosoft", then think again. NETSCAPE SUCKS! Oh sorry, did I say that loud? Netscape WAS better than IE wayyyy back when we had IE 3 and Netscape 4. As soon as they started releasing their Communicator versions, and now.. Netcrap 6 (from AOL by the way), it's more messy than ever and IE is WAY more stable, and supports twice the amount of script and technologies Netscape does.

FYI, 70% of the browsers on the web are IE natives. Netscape is dying! If you don't want to use IE, at least use OPERA! It's WAY better than Netscape.

For email, I suggest Eudora 5.1 (free at www.qualcomm.com). It's stable, has a LOT of features and I like the interface. That's what I'm using now.

If you start uninstalling some core MS programs like IE or OE, you'll find that some other programs will stop from working properly. I'm not saying everything, but some of them. So do it at your own risk, but on XP, IE (which is linked to OE by the way) comes preinstalled, and you can't remove it simply.. It's kind of very complicated. So do it at your own risk.


you assume too much. i never asked how to uninstall IE. i want to get rid of the annoying ass msn messagner that no matter what i do still loads in the sys tray. the update thing is not that major of a concern.

i use netscape because that is what the company is using. it handles multiple accounts well, and it isnt as prone to viruses *cough* outlook express.

here is my internet options panel... looks like netscape 6.2 has been set to the default mail program, but MS just dosent seem to give a shit.

btw. netscape 6.2 is a hell of a browser. it is more standards compliant then IE. i dont use the browser only because it dosent import my favorites the way i would like.


The reason that you can't see the INF folder is because it is normally hidden. Go to Windows Explorer/Tools/Folder Options/View tab and tick "Show Hidden Files and Folders". Then navigate to Drive Root/Windows/INF and Sysoc.inf is in there. Follow the instructions in the link you posted earlier to remove Messenger.

Mister Zee

Man, I know Netscape 6 supports more stuff than its precessor, but trust me... It's REALLY buggy. I'm working for Inter.net canada, in their Technical Support department. Netscape 6 is the worse browser we have to support. And for mail... You can't even modify email settings without deleting the account and re-creating one. If you go on Browserwatch.com look at the stats for Netscape 6, it's less than 2%!! Nobody's using it, espescially because it's so crapy. It might be really nice (the interface I mean), but it's slow as hell, and we keep getting clients with browsing problems. We try to do the usual "c;ear cache, check for proxies, check for other settings" routine, but nothing works, they end up having to reinstall it, or go back to IE which still works fine.

For your info, there isn't any option in Netscape to prevent auto-execution of html embeded scripts, or to block attachements that could contain viruses. So explain to me how more secure it is?

OE 6 has at least levels of security, and you can lock attachements with executable extensions, so at least you cxan't get infected by mistake. It still doesn't prevent script in html formated emails, but you can (and should) have a good script blocker in your Antivirus Software that will do the job.

Eudora 5.1 has a lot more security options, and you can disable executable code in HTML formated emails... So if you want something secure, ESPESCIALLY if you're using this for your office, GET EUDORA!!! It's Free! And It was MEANT for businesses in the first place.

Opera is a lot better than IE 6 too, and faster.


Messenger sucks agreed?

ok, so everyone agrees it sucks pretty much ;-) *coughYahoo'sWorsecough* and i disabled opening it in Outlook Express AND in MSN messenger to stop opening that f***er. it worked on my office machine, but not this lab's.

i dont need to uninstall it, might use it someday *laugh*. any ideas why it just decides that it still wants to open with outlook?

right, well, Cherrio!



Removing MSN Messenger.

Well, There are many different ways of removing msn messenger.. but by far the best one that I have seen and use in XP is this.

Start... Run...
RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove



The reason why MSN Messenger comes up with Outlook Express, is because its the only other way to get the program to load if you don't want it to come on. Its hard coded into Outlook Express that if it is not already open, to open it. The way to get rid of it is to follow the steps on XP-erience.org.

go into run, and type:

notepad c:\windows\inf\sysoc.inf

you should now have in notepad the sysoc.inf file.

about line 20 in the file you should see the line:


like it says, just take out the "hide" in it, so it looks like this:


That should now put it into the Add or Remove Programs part of the operating system under the Add/Remove Windows Components part of Add or Remove Programs. Scroll all the way down to the bottom, and you should see Windows Messenger with a check next to it. Uncheck it and click Next. It will then go through and get rid of Windows Messenger.

That should be it.


not-found network

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
I do agree with HognutZ !

I do agree with HognutZ, the command line he gives (" RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove") works just fine, it removes entirely Messenger from Outlook Express and XP (of course !).
I myself give it to anyone asking for uninstalling Messenger ! Because it works with no pain at all !!!

I dont get it .. :confused:

Why uninstall msn messenger? ? :rolleyes:

Its a pretty good tool if you ask me!
Voice and video works great.. really awesome .. Send and receive files... share aps..whiteboard Remote assistant etc. I think its a pretty neat program !

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
OK LightWave !

I agree with you, I use Messenger at home and at work (adsl) and I must say I've never had a single problem with it since back to Win98 1st edition !

I know how to remove Messenger completely, I tested it myself, and can tell anyone how to achieve this.

But, but I don't personally understand why anyone would want to kill it, unless they don't need it (no internet connection for ex.)... I never noticed a single perturbation with Windows or any other prog.
It's no bother at all, in my simple opinion !


messenger reasons....

well, i wantd to get rid of it (i know everyone loves that app) because i dont use MSN. i use AIM, it has all the same features, and almost all my friends in Counter-Strike use AIM. otherwise, all i need is CounterStrikes 1.4 beta "Tracker" its a really nice little MSN/AIM type program that also gets used in place of GameSpy3D by letting you ping servers and join them whether you're in the game, or in windows. ;-) anybody interested in a messenger that works in your games also to see if fellow fraggers are online, join the game they're in, etc etc... go get the NEW beta 1.4 of Counter-Strike.


AIM: FoundPx
Tracker: FoundPx

find me, lets play some games!


Why would I uninstall it?

I would uninstall if only if a) I dont like it. and b) I dont use it.
I dont like hearts and I dont want hearts (or any windows games for that matter).. so when I install Windows I dont Install it, and If by chance I was not givin the option to not install it (ie.. MSN) then Im sure that I would find a way to get rid of it. The same thought apply's to any product (expecially Microsoft). I need to use Windows... Its a sad reality, personally if all things being compatible I would be using Linux, but for now... I think id rather be the judge of what I install and uninstall on my own PC.. not Gates.


I would uninstall if only if a) I dont like it. and b) I dont use it.

i stated both.

I dont like hearts and I dont want hearts (or any windows games for that matter).. so when I install Windows I dont Install it, and If by chance I was not givin the option to not install it (ie.. MSN) then Im sure that I would find a way to get rid of it.

XP doesnt give any options with a general install, not games, not MSN messenger, nothing.

I need to use Windows... Its a sad reality, personally if all things being compatible I would be using Linux, but for now... I think id rather be the judge of what I install and uninstall on my own PC.. not Gates.

boo f*&*^ing hoo. Funny, people posting their anti-Gates opinion (probably bitter that THEY didn't do what he did) in a forum at an XP-related site. I like custom installas also, but I didn't need the WAH WAH crying ass BS.

Thanks to the others for the command on removing MSN Messenger.

The best chat program.....

Here's a great chat program it called Trillian, I can connect to MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM and IRC all in the one program and it actually works. You can also have multiple connections to MSN/Yahoo (not sure about the others) so your logged with more than one address.

Check out http://www.ceruleanstudios.com for more.:D


to bad trillian sucks too

its kind of neat program, BUT, you cannot dirrectly connect with anyone on AIM, or others.


(old news anyways ;-) )

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