Msn Ip???



Have a look at some *cough*security*cough* type sites. Why don't you ask him/her? Or are you trying to break into their system? :rolleyes:
In the old messenger you could just had to be transferring a file to them to see their IP with the "netstat -n" command in a command window. Don't know if microsoft fixed this or not. When your chatting on msn, the messages get routed through the msn servers first so that is why finding their IP from messenger is hard...
well actually it is to protect my self and i want to know if it can be done because there was an argument from this guy who says a lot of stuff that is total BS and he said that he got my IP?? i just wanted to know if that was possable and if so how?


Sorry if I made it sound like I was accusing you of something, but there are people like that around, as you have found out :) There are many other ways of getting someones IP besides MSN, if he wants he can point you at a web page which he made that contains script to grab your IP, ICQ is fairly easy to get someones IP, and there are lots of other ways :)
It really doesn't matter if someone has your IP though, they have to know what to do with it, and with a decent firewall and virus scanner, it's all good :cool:

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