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Msn 7


Has anyone here used MSN 7 beta ? it is supposed to have a lot of great enhancements and I want to know if anyone here has tried it.


Well I would go bck to the last version as there are plenty of exploits running right now!

This is meerly a testing beta and if you don't want to be 0wn3d then I suggest waiting for the final!


I may actually be insane.
There's one exploit currently, regarding the wink(?) feature where-by code can be remotely executed on another users computer.

Personally, I wouldn't say there's any advantage of using 7 over 6, so until an official release is available, stick with 6.
I like being able to sign in with a different status (Appear Offline can be so useful sometimes).
Other than that, the other features are just fun, and not overly important, so I suggest waiting for the final build if you can.
Someone needs to hack the search so it uses Google...but yeah, I'll use this beta until the final release. Fortunately, nobody on my list is malicious enough to wink me to death.
Apparently, MS is planning to block Build 7.0.0205 from connecting due to the impending security issues, so that's all the more reason to stick to 6.2 now.

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