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MSN 5 on Msn Explorerer 6 or 7

hi all, y wont my msn messanger 5 work on my Msn Explorerer 6 or 7, it used to but now that ive rebooted my hardrvie it doesnt, is there a patch or something?



MSN 5 has no integration with anything at all.
Its not integrated with Outlook Express either, I dont use MSN 5 anymore, I am still using MSN 4.7


MSN Messenger 5.0 is integrated with MSN 8. When you say it doesn't work, what do you mean? More info needed to figure out the problem. If you are having a problem with Messenger 5.0, why not uninstall it and stick with the previous version?
ok b4 i rebooted the comp, wat used to happen was that i'd sign into msn explorerer 6/7 and msn messanger 5 wud sign me in no probs, but no i start msn explorerer 6/7 and windows messanger 4.7 signs me in, n wen i open up msn messanger 5 an click sign in nothing happens, but wen i close down explorer it signs it, y is not doing it no more?

pls help




MSN Messenger 5 is pretty much exclusive to MSN 8. In fact, it is separate from the previous version of messenger and leaves that version installed too instead of installing over the top of it. So when you install 5.0, you have two messengers, the new 5.0 and any previous version of messenger you had installed. If you are not using MSN 8, I wouldn't bother with messenger 5.0 unless there is some special reason why you want to use 5.0?

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