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mslti64.exe Worm


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Hellllllllllp me lol

Seems I have the above worm :(

I've read this but not sure how to identify what the worm actually is. When I try to run Housecall online scan, it says I need to download something 0.o ... thought it was an online thinger, why do I need to download something?

Anyway ... attached is my latest Hijackthis log. Can anyone identify the worm? Help me clean up my PC? Pleeeeeeeeeeease? I'll give you a shiny new penny :p

BTW, I'm using Panda Titanium. The Virus Neutralized keeps popping up every minute or 2 :mad:



Free online scanners are not good enough. They will detect the presence of a virus/worm, but won't fix it for you, which is why Housecall is asking you to download something.

Will be back with more info.

Electronic Punk

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She has Gaobot, but I just asked her to close what applications she can, so its easier for us to determine the rogue agent.

Search bar stuff looks like crap tho...


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try the nod32 stand alone scanner...when I think I need a little better scanning compared to the free AVG I'm using now I get the most recent nod32 stand alone scanner...which was just posted on the front page of software news here


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You have to use internet explorer to use the online scanners,
Panda ActiveScan,

Trend Micro "Housecall",

You must accept the security warning and this is only the installer and virus definitions.

Both scanners will detect and remove viruses and trojans from your computer at no cost and in real time.

You should also use trojanshunter to see if your system has been compromised.

Trojan Hunter 4.0 is one of the very few programs that can detect "the beast" trojan running in memory and effectivly remove it.

Norton 2005 simply cannot see it and will only alert you if you have the installer file on your computer. but once the beast is running it is nearly impossible to detect.

it is worth the download.

good luck!



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Used what Netryder posted, seems to have worked, thanks NetRyder :)

I'm pissed that Panda didn't catch this. The one AV I actually paid for and it's sh*t!! :mad:

Thanks everyone who replied :)


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SP2 f00ked my PC up last time so I uninstalled. Thanks j79zlr but I'll be formatting on Thursday ... tis time anyway

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