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MSI Geforce 6800 128mb - Unlocking Pipelines

Hi ive just bought a msi gf6800 128m td128,i understnd that you can enable all the pipelines,is this via a driver or what?I had a ati aiw which via the driver from softmod,unlocked it from a 9800se to 9800pro,is they such a thing?Can someone advise me .Thanx :confused:
msi gf6800

Ive got the latest version of rivatuner,but im not sure what i have to do to unlock the extra pipelines,or if i need a modded driver. :confused:


OSNN One Post Wonder
To try and unlock the pipelines using Rivatuner:

1. On the main tab, click on the button with a triangle on it with the word customize... in front of it.

2. Click on the video card icon and then click on the nvstrap tab and click the install button located at the bottom of the screen.

3. Click and check the boxes that say, "allow enabling hardware masked units" and, "unlock professional capabilities"

4. Click on the active pixel/vertex units configuration and change it to custom.

5. Click on the customize button that is no longer grayed out.

6. You will see a table. Simply click on the table where the missing check mark is for your masked pipelines.

7. Restart. (you may have to restart at other steps in this process too)

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