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Message tags take the uncertainty out of email by allowing you to deliver messages, instead of just sending them. MSGTAG is a new desktop application that tells you when your emails have been received and opened. It works alongside your existing mail program, sending you an email the moment your message is viewed — just to let you know. MSGTAG simply lets you know they've got the message. And it's free! So now you don't have to wonder, because you'll know.

Read their privacy statement. Everyone you send email to is recorded on their servers. That means if you send me a tagged email THEY GET MY EMAIL ADDRESS. This is clearly an invasion of the privacy of the person you send an email to. On top of that they have a pay version that lets you hide the fact you have shared the recipients email address with their service.

NO THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MSGTAG facility
The Software uses the MSGTAG service to determine whether an e-mail that has been tagged by the Software has been received by the intended recipient. In order to achieve this, MSGTAG must store the subject, message ID, message recipient, date sent, and MSGTAG account name of the sender for each e-mail tagged by the Software. If tagging is disabled in the application, MSGTAG does not store this information. MSGTAG will not sell, share or rent this information to any other parties.

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