MS Works 2000 Problem



I've upgraded from Win 98se to Win XP Pro, I have MS Works 2000 installed. It has worked fine since the upgrade, but now when I try to open it, it says:

"This application cannot display the End User License Agreement. This agreement must be displayed and accepted prior to running this application for the first time. Please re-install the application you are trying to run."

Slight problem there! Works was pre-installed and they never gave me the disc. I have tried going to add/remove programs and selecting repair, but it keeps asking for the disc to get some file it can't locate on the computer. It's not too much of a problem, because I don't use it much as I have MS Office, but it is bugging me a little. Any ideas?


Hiya Eve.

1stly.. where the f*** have you been babe, havnt seen you for ages!.. email me damn it!!!! lol :D

2ndly..I think the only solution is to get hold of the original install disk for Works Suite.



Hey Stuy, been busy at work lately, for a change. Don't know hoe I'm gonna get hold of a disc though, seeing as they never gave the damn this to me. And I don't know anyone else that has it. My b/f has the new one, not sure which version, it came pre-installed on his pc, fortunately they gave him the cd, do you think I could use his instead? I mean would files I have saved under my version work under his newer version?


I've never used Off-Suite.. but if its anything like the normal Office installation (MS Office) then there hopefully will be an option ato add import support for varied file types. (MS office has same thing, to import works files and older office97 files)


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work's file are multi changeable. u can run a 95 work's sheet on work's 2001 and visa versa. there should b no problem in running the newer version, but if u wan't u could nag whoever u got the program off for a c.d.

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