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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by GreenFrog, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. GreenFrog

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    I been trying to activate my MS reader all day. The website been showing the "The page cannot be displayed" error.

    This it just me or is the site down?

    Anyone know of a way to activate without going to the site?

    Many thanks
  2. LeeJend

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    Fort Worth, TX
    Site may just be down. Massive new Worm hit last night (servers only so don't worry). Try latter today it should be up. The morale of the story is MS should use linux servers. The Worm only attacks Microsoft SQL servers. :)
  3. sdibias

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    Microsoft products get hit the most because they are installed on a mucher larger user base. This worm targets Microsoft SQL and MySQL servers which means it affects both Apache and IIS. Apache is attacked all the time so your comment about Linux servers does not hold any relevance. The hole in which this worm exploits has been known for a little while, it's because these mor0nic Admins don't patch there servers properly! This is no different from Code RED back in summer 2001. My friend and I were at Exodus communications where we store our offsite servers on the day code red hit. People were running around like crazy because their sites were down...ours were running fine. I apply patches when they come out, not when they're suddenly needed...

    Maybe a little off topic so to anser the question I agree with the forst reply :)
  4. sdibias

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    For clarification I would like to alter a little of what I said above. Although this worm is attacking web servers running SQL it's also attacking any vulnerable servers on the internet running this softare. So it's not only IIS...