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MS Outlook 2000--> .pst problem

Im having difficultis saving the ass of our co-workers, who havent cleaned there e-mails in MS Outlook 2000. When it goes over the 1.83Gb, there is a little hope to het all the mails out from .pst !!!

How can I fix it when it goes over the 1.9Gb, is there any software for this?
And is this problem allready solved in MS Office XP ?

Thx GeorgGG



Microsoft do have a tool that will allow you to "chop" the end off a pst to get it under the 1.8 gig limit, but you have to contact them to get it - the organisation I used to work for had a copy, unfortunately I've changed jobs and dont think I got a copy before I left. I'll check when I get home just in case I have - if you cant get it from Microsoft let me know and I'll email an ex colleague and get him to send me a copy

THX :D :D :D , i hope U`ll get it cuz i need it badly!!!

But did M$ changed all that in M$ Office 2003?
That is the question, cuz we are soon have to go on 2003 Office and if the problems are still there we will have to find other solutions !!


I'd personally use EasyRecovery from Ontrack. It'll repair the PST file. Actually did one today that SCANPST did absolutely nothing with. It was only 1.1Gb and SCANPST said nothing was wrong with it but when you added it and tried to open it on any machine, it would freeze the outlook. I ran EasyRecovery and voila it made the friggin thing work and kept everything in tact, no freezing anymore for the time being atleast. I love the product and it saved my ass many a times.

EasyRecovery is the best program for .pst recovery!!!

I have decided that we are going to buy the full version, cuz its gonna save us a lot of work

U have solved my problem and others also!!!

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