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MS Money Question


OSNN One Post Wonder
Has anyone here used the Paycheck featue in Money for entering wages, deductions before taxes, taxes and deductions after taxes? When I click done in the paycheck window Money tells me that the wages and deductions are not equal asks we to handle the unassigned amount. If I click "Set total transaction amount", which sets the paycheck vaule to the sum of the splits, the Wages and Salary information is not updated with the sum of the splits. Why is that? I would like to assign the sum of the splits to my net income and use it to calculate my budget. If anyone uses this paycheck feature, please advise on how to deal with unassigned amounts and how you use the paycheck feature to calculate your budget. Thanks.


OSNN Advanced
You cannot enter one amount as total, then enter the individual amounts for taxes and income.
What you need to do is delete the "Total" and enter the income and taxes.... the sum of them should match the "Total" that you expect it to be.

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