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I am constructing a website using frontpage, i would like to be able to secure it using a log in (username and password), can anyone give me a DETAILED instruction pack to do this i have scoured about but cannot understand the ones i found , they seem to do nothing but wasted my time. Many thanks in advance.
Maybe the mods who designed this site could give me some hope .

A serverside programming language. The same stuff this board uses (among other things).
PHP files are scripts which spit out plain text. This text can be formatted to HTML, that's why the code of these pages look like HTML when you view the source.
I think PHP is what you need for passworded accounts (login accounts), I don't know of a way to do it with plain HTML. You are free to ask whatever you want on how to construct such a page or what you need. I have learned most of my skills from the other PHP-programmers who are a member here. It's fun.


If you are using MS Frontpage there is usually what is know as the 60 Minute Intranet Kit which allows you to do what you want. It adds additional parts to your web server such as ASP support (a technology similar to PHP). It should also add new page types to the front page documents.

Normally the file is called ASP.exe and it also depends on what version of Frontpage you are using and what operating system you are using too


The best way to do it is to put an .htaccess and .htpassword file in, the .htpassword will go in another directory than the .htaccess of course.

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