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mp3 ripper



Yip .. EAC and CDEX - Audiograbbe is a good one for beginners, it uses lame also. It's really eay to set up and such.

Then after you learn that a little bit you can trash it and move up to the king - EAC :D
cd creator can do it no effort.......
put in cd it can find all song names over web from cddb..
then select all songs -
it will rip all tracks on cd one after another and auto generate the 'name of song.format' name
right click, 'convert to audio file' choose type (mp3, wav, wma) and format (32kbps-320kbps) and leave 'will generate names' alone.....
off it goes.......weeeeeeeee

done all my 300 albums with it and no problems:D

Gus K

NTFS abuser
CDex is nice and it comes with all the right encoders, Lame, OGG. Monkeys etc.

OGG 192 kbps, nice quality and sounds a whole lot better than MP3
I don't know about that, whole lot better?
The alt-preset- standard Lame preset is near perfect, set for 128/320 VBR. Way better than 192 OGG. :D
Hmm... guess i'd be the second vote for MusicMatch Jukebox. Love that program for both listening to audio, as well as ripping CD's. Supports a bunch of formats, including MP3Pro. gotta love MP3Pro. great audio quality at half the size of a regular MP3 file when both are at the same bitrate. Nother good thing about MP3Pro files, they are supported by any music player that supports MP3's

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