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mp3 problems..also



Well, see the problem isn't Only with mp3s. my divx sounds <even the ones that worked perfectly on 98> are scratchy too. and its the moment I start the sound that it does it. My cpu isssss....

500 mhz Celeron
Voodoo 5 5000
Aureal Vortex 8830(onboard sound card)
with a Asus Motherboard..

I've tried the new drivers thing and even tried all the things for Winamp but nothing seems to work at all. If ya'd drop me a line I'd apperciate it. Gracias.
Get a new soundcard, those onboards are real crap. I got one of those AC'97 onboards and it's real shit. I got a Soundblaster Live! 5.1 and my sounds were so much better and my system runs much smoother.:)


I know its not like I have the xtra cash to go out and buy a sound card..there has got to be a way to fix this annoyance without spending an amount of money I don't have,I'm graduating in like..5 months I don't have the spare cash. Ya know? Any other ideas anyone?
Go back to '98 (or ME but I wouldn't recommend it), your PC will run smoother on it seeing as you only have 500Mhz. XP hogs more resources (mainly ram and most certainly hard disk space).

But what it sounds like to me is a cpu issue, I had a similar problem on my old Pentium 166Mhz way back when I put on WinME, it hogged all my cpu and ram and made a real slowdown of things, especially on sound apps.


advance 97 audi sucks

im having the same problem i still dont now if its my sound tho cause i have a 950 amd voodoo 5 5500 256ram 40 gig hd and my sound is very choppy only when i play my mp3s.when i do the visulation on winamp it slows the music way down.its still weird i put in anouther video card and it worked fine someone help

It's your video card mate.

Well you have 2 choices, you either replace your video card or try and find suitable drivers for it (WinXP drivers) if you have not done so already.

Cheers, Antz


rofl video card has nothing to do with sound, an I got rid of XP and reinstalled win2k pro, it blows away xp.

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