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mp3 playback issues


Hail to the King, Baby!
I never used to have this problem, so I think I screwed something up. After I play a full screen game such as quake 3 or counter strike, i cant play an mp3 without it skipping and playing incorrectly. When I dont play these games, mp3's play perfectly. I use winamp 3 to play them, but i know this isnt the problem because it happens in WMP as well as winamp 2. I've tried freeram xp, but it still happens. I have an athlon 1800+ and 288MB ram. Thanks.
Have you checked your cpu temps as those games will stress your pc thus building up heat...do the mp3`s play after an hour or so without having to restart your pc ?.


Hail to the King, Baby!
nah not the cpu temp - right now its at 39 C and skipping mp3's, nominal temp is 50. It is a sound blaster live. Could having the mp3's on drive d have anything to do with it? My c drive is 20 gig WD, and drive d is 80 gig IBM.

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