MP3 downloads - is it a crime?


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There has been much debate about the legitimacy of MP3 downloads. In actual fact it is a crime to download MP3 files 'bootlegs' without paying the artist however many would say that morally the music industry is on rocky ground as the product they are selling is both of a poor quality and overpriced.

Your thoughts please - VOTE NOW.


However a person gets it, it is probably a crime. But you should get the people who posted them onto the internet, not the people who are downloading them !


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Good point Z.

From my point of view (and this applies to computer software as well):

I would rather own the genuine article. However as long as publishers are so greedy as to price [new] CD singles at £3 - 5 and albums at £15.99 there will always be a problem with bootlegging.

Just look at Robbie Williams' £80, 000, 000 for 4 albums. I think not!!! We will be paying for that through the price of the CD and although I think his music is OK it ain't that good.

If the industry showed a bit of faith and made software and music a fair price then more people would buy originals...

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I think the record companies should give out free mp3's. Say like one song from every album to maybe intice people to go out and buy the album...just my view....


I don't think anybody will still go and buy CD's which are from £3-5, or albums from £11-15, when they can get them free from the net.
The poor "little" guy will be the one that suffers the legal consequences of illegal mp3 downloads unfortunately. He/she is an easy target for prosecution (i.e., has little money and is obscure in the social latter).

The individuals hosting the site will be long-gone and on to another scam when the roof caves in.:D


but no matter what the price, i think that people will still try to get things for free
if it is available in any way, people will still take it, just to save a few dollars
for example, i hate getting blank cd's. because although only cost less than a dollar, one isnt enough, so you buy 25 backs or what ever, and it adds up, especially if your a student using your own money.
so i think that it will never stop with people trying to get free stuff



i think u just should just forget about it, and enjoy the free stuff while u can. the music industry doesnt make any good music that's why they dont get any money, and then they say that it's all because of internet and mp3s.


I know that I download MP3's. But the music industry has got better to do rather than send the FBI to a 14 years old house to arrest him.

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Download mp3s forever. I live off that. without that, I would be driven into a very big depression. I need my music to live. Plus, how would have I ever gotten all the music I have? I download an avearage of 50 mp3s per day, and it makes me happy.

I <3 free mp3s


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hey I was first!!

Is it possible to combine this thread with Kr0m's in 'Music'

At least he got the right forum!




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My Opinion !

Mp3`s are often poor quality 128k versions which sound poor,also i would not dare be so cheep and put a copy cd in my collection or give one as a gift so as you see if i am a fan of the artist i do buy but only at £8.99 online as i am not paying 11/14.99 for a cd !.

Also the Music companys are messing it up for themselves if napster (as its world famous) would be allowed to sell high quality mp3`s (312k or above) i would pay for the service but only a minimun charge ...say a few pounds per album but they will not (maybe greed),this would make the artist money (better than nothing) and me feel better :--).

Also even if they stop alot of mp3 sites and p2p users you can easily buy the top 40 albums from any car boot/market or dodgy out of a suitcase seller for £10.00....whos going to stop are too busy anyway,and trading standerds only have so many employees.
Glad its not my job to stamp out mp3 sharing.

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