Mozilla or IE ?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by luish, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. luish

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    What do you think about the new release of Mozilla ?
    Is it better than IE ?
    Will it ever be ?
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  3. Howling Wolf

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    Amongst the Native Ones
    I DLed it, but didn't installed it yet...
    I will tell asap !
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    Mozilla is cool & all... but why install IMO sub-standard 3rd party software, when the operating system already comes with a better browser. Most people use it so they can say they're "different", some people use mozilla because they can't stand MS.. that's fine, but why are you running windows if you hate MS? Just my 2 cents.
  5. napalmnthemorning

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    I'm running XP pro and used Mozilla for my daughters account. I use IE. I thought it was more kid friendly with nice interchangeable browser themes that are pretty cool. I also used Mozilla once in awhile and I thought it was slightly faster then IE, but slower at loading the graphics after the pages were already up. I finally deleted Mozilla because it just "gobbled" up more space and cookies. I might use it again sometime. I'm hoping MS comes out with a new IE before long. IE is more efficient then Mozilla and I already have Windows Media Player and Real One Player, and I don't need any more players from Mozilla.. I'll stick with IE... Mozilla is nice for the kids if your using more then one account on your PC
  6. eNuffSaid

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    I'm with elderec.

    Kind regards,
    Willem Moolenaar
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    2 things... IE IS SUBSTANDARD!!! It does not and doesn't seem to want to follow the guidelines that have been set out by the W3C (the governing body that sets the standards for the internet). It recently got rid of Java and by the end of 2003 it will no longer be supporting ANY kind of java running off IE.

    Mozilla is better for cookies as you can screen what you allow and what you want to throw out.
    Tools -> Cookie Manager -> Manage Sites

    IE loads faster because it is automatically loaded with Windows. But you use Quick Launch and Mozilla also loads as fast as IE.

    IE is not a better browser, it is merely a browser which complacent users use because it is there.

    Its not that I hate MS, Its the fact that MS decide what the standards are. They don't listen to the actual people who are the leaders for the standards. I would love to stop Windows if I had any other USABLE OS. Linux is a great Operating System but it will never have the range of outstanding games as Windows. I'm here to play games mainly. I can do the rest in Linux.

    Mozilla is a lot more kid friendly because the people think about what they are coding. They thought about user friendliness and usability.

    They provided the function to block ads, block cookies, block pop ups... What here is provided by IE? (without the need to download a 3rd party plugin)

    Your computer can't handle an extra 40mb of files? Ummm... time for a new hard drive?

    Mozilla loads the pictures only after it has downloaded it, IE uses its own patented tech to load images as it comes rather than wait.

    You'll find that Mozilla is far more efficient than IE and is rather less prone to Security issues and crashes than IE.

    It IS better than IE. Standards compliance, ad blocking, cookie blocking, tabbed browsing, efficient memory use. FREE!!!

    IE is popular because it is there... (hello... anti-trust case...) By microsoft including it with MS, it has made people believe what is the point of downloading another web browser when i already got one that works here?

    At first IE was actually good. It followed standards... Its moved to incorporate its own "personal tech" which are NOT W3C COMPLIANT.

    Install SP1, remove IE, use Mozilla
  8. elderec

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    Tell me mbunny... how many websites do you have problems viewing? Ok, I win.
  9. eNuffSaid

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    Let me guess... You use Linux? ;)

    Honestly, you will not hear me say Microsoft are the best. Nor will you hear me say others are worse. I merely prefer IE because its "included with the OS," for the same reason I use WMP rather than Winamp. Both M$ products suit me fine, and I am a satisfied customer.

    If one has exploited all functionality of these M$ included products and feels unsatisfied with its stability and / or functionality one is free to choose some of the many other options available from other software suppliers.

    How would you feel, if you made a car which became VERY popular. This car is very easy in use, you don't need a drivers licence, and EVERYBODY is allowed to drive it. You're selling millions of cars, making BIG bucks, and leaving the competition far behind you. But... BMW makes a very nice hood. As a matter of fact it's even more aerodynamic than yours. Now companies are telling YOU to build cars WITHOUT a hood, so customers can buy a hood from BMW. That would be kind of sore for you, don't you agree?

    I don't want to argue with you who is right or who is wrong; which is best and which sucks; that may be all personal. But try to leave you negative fealings towards microsoft out of the discussions. It provides for nicer and unbiased reading.

    Kind regards,
    Willem Moolenaar
  10. elderec

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    Good point, eNuffSaid. <smirk>
  11. Perris Calderon

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    new york
    marvelous point
  12. mbunny

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    I was actually rebutting elderec... he was the one who mentioned anti-MS people and i was telling him that this wasn't an I hate MS thing... It was a mere fact that Mozilla is much better.

    btw elderec... a few websites to show you how IE is LESS compliant than Mozilla or in fact a number of others...

    I'm still trying to find the website i had a while ago which showed a few Table and CSS problems that IE 6.0 couldn't handle but Mozilla (and even IE 5) could handle.

    If anyone knows that page i'm talking about could they post?

    Windows Media Player is a great piece of software... I do however dislike WMPXP and how long it takes to open, i've gone back to using WMP 2... much faster loading times.

    WinAmp 2 uses less resources when playing songs than WMP. That and WinAmp has more features than WMP has.

    I am here to argue my point that IE is worse than Mozilla. I'm trying to raise points on which IE is better than Mozilla. People have misled ideas about how much better IE is, while their ideas may be correct, their reasoning may be incorrect.

    I used to use Linux... but then I gave up on it cause i could do everything i really needed to do on Windows. I am in no way a Windows hater. Windows has done great things for Computers.

    My only complaint is the pricing that Microsoft want for their software. I'm just glad i have academic discounts.

    For your car manufacturing metaphor, think of it this way. Who stands to gain in this case? BOTH parties.

    Construction time goes down (although for a per car basis it may be lower but car manufacturers output a crap load of cars a day.) They don't need to weld the hood on, the hood doesn't need to be designed, the hood doesn't need to be attached.

    COSTS go down. Less time required per car when contructing, less materials needed (it can be instead used on a different part of the car)

    RESEARCH goes up, They don't need to think about the Hood anymore... BMW have it covered.

    MS stands to gain by not providing IE. How many people blame MS because of the insecurity of its software? IE is so widely used that its a major target for hackers/virus writers.

    How many Outlook viruses are there now?

    MS's reputation doesn't get damaged (umm... okay this probably isn't a major impact but its still a Plus)

    No need to put money into R&D to improve their browser. Money could be instead placed into their Server solutions and into their other MS products.

    Elderec agrees with you enuffsaid and yet he is hypocritical in his own messages.

    I'm sorry... but is this an anti-Mozilla sentiment?

  13. napalmnthemorning

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    My thoughts are the same as eNuffSaid. Personally I use what works best for my system. Everyone is aware of the lawsuits against M$ and yes they do have alot of integrated programs working in IE, so until this changes and Mozilla and whoever else will have to wait to have access to MS secret codes, unless you have them mbunny? No offense and I'm glad you like Mozilla. I also like it, but it is inferior to IE. "straight up" no comparison. I'm not going to debate your quotes and statistics. Next topic please! out...
  14. Jaron

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    I don't like to drag this discussion on and on but please explain how Mozilla is inferior to IE?

    Have you try the latest Mozilla release?

    It is fine that people are happy with what they've got, but until you try something else, you'll never know that better things exist.

    IE is fine if you're just using to to surf. In that way it's brilliant because it just works, out of the box. But there are so much more to surfing the net these day. There's privacy and security issues to consider. There's your surfing experience to consider when you visit site that force you to load endless popup and ads when all you want is the information you're after. So does IE help you to be productive with your time online?
  15. mbunny

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    And that Jaron is the MS effect.

    They've tried to create the Microsoft Internet... Their own standard... screw what the rest of the world has decided on...

    Napalm, lets ignore all statistics and do a WorldComm =)

    Yes... we turned a HUGE profit... oh btw... we're bankrupt... What??? we ignored statistics... what are they for anyways... pffttt... we enjoy making up our own story.

    If you tried any of the links i posted you will find that IE is the inferior product =)
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    I've tried all of the browsers out there, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera and IE and do you know which one I use?

    IE, because it does what I need it to, show webpages, doesn't mess pages up like Netscape and is quick on my PC. Why bother adding another browser to my system when i've got a working one.

    After all, if it isn't broke, don't fix it?
  17. mbunny

    mbunny Guest

    It was produced broken...

    Security Patches... Service Packs... Security Packs...

    Mozilla is in a state of constant improvement. IE has been sitting on 6.0 with a sack of patches for a while. If it wasn't broken then why would they need to patch it?

    You should use another browser because it actually conforms to standards.
  18. anewhope

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    Well, it isn't broken, cos it displays webpages. Job's a good un
  19. Perris Calderon

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    mbunny...I'm enjoying this conversation, but let me pint out, the only reasn there are security issues with ie is because it's as pervasive as it is.

    guaranteed, if mozilla, or opera, or any browser was as pervasive, there would be just as many cracks
  20. elderec

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    "Elderec agrees with you enuffsaid and yet he is hypocritical in his own messages."
    "They've tried to create the Microsoft Internet... Their own standard... screw what the rest of the world has decided on..."

    First off, how was I hypocritical?
    oh & btw it is the MS internet. Look at the browser statistics. The reason they continue to break standards is because the "WORLD" decided to use IE. You my friend are part of the minority, I'm not saying your wrong, but there is a reason that IE is used more often than mozilla. But to be honest with you, I'm not here to argue with someone I will never meet. LOL enjoy yourself man you seem to have gotten a little worked up.