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Mozilla 1.4a

Yeah, it appears in the nightly builds ... the branch has split already, and 1.3 should go final pretty soon. Just a couple of bugs holding it back at the moment.

Using 1.3b for now. :)
Originally posted by mbunny
NetRyder: Used Phoenix yet??? You'll love it. I promise you =)
Tried it once before, but moved back to 1.2.1 bcoz of the forum image attachments bug ... but that's there in 1.3b too and I'm drawn towards Phoenix once more. Will give it another shot :)
Gotta love those themes.

Also hope they enable custom sidebars in Phoenix soon ... that will be the day!
I got the latest Mozilla the other day, not sure of the version. Also have IE6 and Opera 6.02 hoping v7 for UK will be out soon.

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