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Mozilla 1.3a



Yeah I just got this.. it seems cool, but I have a question.. The page now says "NTFS Forums - Post New Thread - Mozilla [Build ID:2002121215]"... how do I get rid of the part "Mozilla [Build ID:2002..]" ??


I may actually be insane.
Hrm. I only appear to have the page title, no build number.
Perhaps it gets removed in final / stable binarys.

Either way, to remove your build number just do the following.
  • Close Mozilla.
  • Open explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files\mozilla.org\Mozilla\chrome
  • Make a copy/backup of "en-US.jar"
  • Open WinRAR (WinZIP Works too.) and open the original en-US.jar file.
  • Browse through the jar file to en-US.jar\locale\en-US\navigator
    and then open "navigator-title.dtd" with notepad / your text editor (may need to be extracted first.)
  • Remove both occurences of "(&buildId.label;)"
  • Save the dtd file, then place it back in the jar archive if you extracted it
  • restart mozilla, voilla


Thanx Speedy!! I will try it now.. also how do I get my Phoenix bookmarks on this? I have found bookmark.html but I'm not sure...


I may actually be insane.
I Haven't got phoenix installed at the moment.
But, i think this should work

In Mozilla go to Bookmarks >> Manage Bookmarks (or press CTRL+B)
Then in the newly created window, goto Tools >> Import.
Browse through to your phoenix folder / defaults / profile / bookmarks.html

Don't quote me on the file being in that exact location tho, i may be wrong :)

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