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Mozilla 1.2.1 Released

Elroy Jetson

Little Dipper School
Mozilla 1.2.1 is out. This is our latest stable release and users of all previous versions are encouraged to upgrade to this release for features, as well as performance, stability, and security fixes. It contains the fix for the DHTML bug that prompted us to pull Mozilla 1.2.


EJ ;)


I may actually be insane.

it's on the way down here now, woo :)

Still using 1.2b at the moment, any idea if i can just slap it over the top?! or should i un-install this one first?

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
:mad: :mad: :mad:

My experience with upgrading Mozilla.
Started with 1.1 just a few weeks ago. Sweet. :)
Out comes 1.2. OK load that into a different folder. Still sweet. (except for the bug)
Out comes 1.2.1. OK load that to a different folder. Still sweet.
Now I decide to remove 1.2. Go to add/remove & remove it. BIG MISTAKE.
Reboot & open mozilla. OK but when I click on 'about' nothing happens. Open Mail (click shorcut on keyboard) & nothing happens.......except that outlook opens instead.
Go to the installation folder of 1.2.1 & click mail. Nothing happens.
Time now to remove 1.2.1. Reboot, open 1.1, click 'about', nothing happens. Click mail (shortcut on keyboard), outlook opens. To end this sad story I then removed 1.1 & cleaned out all traces of it from the system & registry. Then reloaded 1.1 & all is sweet again. Dare I try upgrading Mozilla again? You tell me.

Elroy Jetson

Little Dipper School
SPeedY_B - I always un install mozilla before installing the next version (1.2 here). It keeps all the settings even if you uninstall (bookmarks, cookies, dl mamaner, etc.). backup your bookmarks just to be sure, though: manage bookmarks - tools - export

enjoy! ej :D

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
1/ How do you save you email acounts in mozilla?

2/ I was just downloading flash & browsing. Suddenly without warning mozilla shuts down. Me thinks something is rotten in Denmark. :eek:

Elroy Jetson

Little Dipper School

why you would want to run 3 versions of mozilla beats me. I have never had any trouble uninstalling the previous version, but then I have never run 2 or more versions at the same time. and why are you running 1.1, since it is a brach of 1.0 and 1.2 is the development of 1.1. if you are concerned with compatibility, use 1.0.1, since this is what netscape 7 uses.

my 2 cents worth. ej ;)

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Why? Because mozilla.org don't explain how to install the new version. All they say is don't install it to the same directory. Being new to Mozilla I didn't want to remove it & loose all my bookmarks before the new version was installed. Of course now I now you can remove it & it keeps those settings. As for havong 1.1 that's what was there when I downloaded mozilla not too long ago. I do want to give 1.2.1 a go. So shortly I'll remove 1.1 & see what happens.
I had only just installed 1.2 then 1.2.1 come out. That's whay I had 3 & tried to remove 1.
Hipster, I think your problem is not with your mozilla installation but with your profile, I don't uninstall previous versions before install the new ones, i didn't read that warning :D, and maybe switching versions back and forth messed up your profile, try deleting XUL.mfl in your mozilla profile, that always worked for me
sorry for my english
I hope you unerstand


I may actually be insane.

Un-installing 1.2b and installing 1.2.1 straight after does the job nicely (Cheers EJ :D)
you're profile info etc is stored in C:\Documents and Settings\Dave\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\
which is why its not reset upon un-install (Altho in theory it should be) but if you want to, you can back that directory up and un-install if you are worried about losing settings.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Worked like a charm. I hope. Uninstalled 1.1 loaded 1.2.1 & haven't had any problems. Why can't they just say to uninstall it first then upgrade? Would save on the confusion. :huh:


Mozilla or Opera

Hey everyone,

I'm thinking of switching browsers...I'm using IE6. something...anyway, anyone want to voice their views on Opera 7 vs. Mozilla (new version)...I'm not familiar with either so any help would be greatly appreciated.

best regards,


I may actually be insane.

Mozilla = Free
Opera = Not Free
Other than that there's probably not many differences and it'll probably come down to personal opinion.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
I haven't used opera for a couple of years & only been using mozilla for a few weeks. Mozilla is very easy to learn & basically does everything I want, email, chat etc.


Just try them. It is very much personal taste. They all do their job.
The new Opera 7 seems to be the fastest browser, but you have to pay for it or live with the ads.
Mozilla has some nice features, too. I am beginning to like it.
IE6 also is a good browser, you have it already and there is absolutely no way around it.
Why not have more than one? It is just a piece of software and not a question of ideology, at least in my opinion.

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