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Mozilla 1.1



YAY!!! Another month another Mozilla release.

They've improved it again and this time its gotten out of the beta...

Here's the changelog from Mozilla.org

What's New in Mozilla 1.1

* Improved application and layout performance
* Improved stability
* Improved Web site compatibility
* Improved CSS, DOM and HTML standards support

* Distinct window icons for the different Mozilla applications (artwork contributed by Grayrest).
* Mozilla can now trigger MS DUN when started without a connection.
* Fullscreen mode for Mozilla on Linux (press F11).
* Browser tabs now close left to right (they used to close right to left).
* The tab bar now has a button for creating new tabs.
* All Search entry points now use your default search engine.
* Download Manager has been enabled as the default download view (with many improvements)
* Autocomplete in the location bar has more intelligent completion.
* The Linux File Picker has improved filtering and a new directory button.
* File extensions more accurately handled in downloads and we save the correct files when saving complete Web pages
* Drag and drop support has been greatly improved.
* View selection source: Context clicking on a selection now lets you view the HTML source for the selected area.
* Page info displays more page info with improved General and Media tab content.
* New button in prefs for making Mozilla the system default browser on MS Windows

* MathML is now enabled for Mozilla on Macintosh (it was already available on Windows and Linux).
* Mozilla now takes advantage of Quartz rendering for users of Mac OS X 10.1.5
* Better Bi-Di Arabic and Hebrew support including improved layout of Arabic pages on Linux and other platforms without their own Arabic shaping support.
* We have new layout performance enhancements targeted at DHTML.
* Mozilla now has support for the display of XBM images.

* Image and plug-in blocking for Mail & News
* Mozilla allows you to view HTML mail messages as plain text.
* You can now quote the current message in a Mail compose window with Quote Original under the options menu.

* The JavaScript Debugger has gone through a major development cycle. It now sports a palette of nine views which can be rearranged within the main window or docked in separate floating windows. It is also possible to create user-defined views and commands directly with JavaScript. More details are available in the FAQ, newsgroup, or IRC channel.
* Chatzilla has improved tab completion and can now join channels with Japanese names.

Follow my little banner if you want to download it (i HIGHLY recommend the use of Mozilla)

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
I DLed it before it was posted... it is 10.5 Mo... and you mention 9.8... is it a mistake ?
Don't take it wrong Iceman, I'm just wondering.

P.s: Mozilla, not Moxilla.


10.5 is for the zip... 9.8 is for the exe (umm.... lets release the larger compressed file...)

I think we did Iceman =P Cause i emailed the news as soon as i saw it but you had posted it about 10 mins after... =P

but mozilla owns j00!!!



Have they fixed the bug that adds wrong file extensions (the one that follows the "content-type" header in the html document) when downloading?


Re: Mozilla

Originally posted by Pastorn
Have they fixed the bug that adds wrong file extensions
It seems to be better than before. I quite often get double file extentions (e.g. blah.mpg.mpeg), but a lot less of the invalid extentions (e.g. trying to download an exe and getting it renamed to a .php). A bugzilla query would probably turn something up, but I'm too lazy :D

Anyway, I blame the servers :p

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