Moving HDD off ATA133 Card


Trevor H

I have just successfully transferred from my Gigabyte motherboard to an Abit motherboard (BD7 II Raid), keeping all other hardware. The HDD (Maxtor 80gb) on the old MB was put through a Silicon Image Sil 0680 Ultra-133 Medley ATA Raid Controller PCI card. The new set up will not boot if HDD is in the IDE1 slot or the ATA133 slot in the new MB, only if I use the Silicon Image card. How do I take away this one and get the XP Home system to accept the new location?



On my Gigabyte 8PE-667Ultra, there is both ATA133/RAID controller and the standard IDE controllers, and i easily moved my hdd from the ata133 to the standard one. You should be able to freely move the HDD from the Silicon Image to the standard IDE one. However, you may not be able to move it to the ATA133 one on the ABIT if you need drivers for it.


I've had that issue too with my Maxtor 80 GB HD (which is broken now, by the way :p). I'm using the ATA133 PCI card by Promise. When I moved the HD to my motherboard, nothing would work properly. I went into Partition Magic in DOS and it told me that the geometry of the HD has changed, because the motherboard's BIOS reads it differently than the card's BIOS.

Maybe that's why. You could fix it by rewriting the MBR and the partition tables, telling the BIOS the proper measurements. I'm not too sure myself, however, so don't take the risk doing that until someone, with more knowledge about this than I do, tells you what to do.

Or... If you really don't mind losing your data, format the whole HD and start from scratch, but I'm pretty sure you don't want that. :p

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