Moving Forums To New Server


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I am not where to post this, so I said General.

I have forums up and running on a server, with members and posts and it's pretty much gaining speed. Me and the other Admin have a new server of our own. We would like to move the forums from the server it is on to a the new server.

I have never done this, we want to move it without losing users and posts and all that. Since I think it has been done here before I am asking you guys (mainly EP).

Can it be done? How?


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the db? and how would I do that, I can't seem to find any options to do that within the admin controls of the forum.


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Easiest would be to use mysqldump from the command line and restoring from command line as well with your db dumps in hand. seems like a good guide. You can also do this with phpMyAdmin if that is what you are comfortable with.

After that is done, all you have to do is edit the information to match your new host in the SMF Settings.php.