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There was a lot of anticipation as I sat in the theater, waiting for the movie to start and start it did, in a simple and understated manner.

Those who have followed the graphic novel will know what happens. Those who have not, I will not spoil anything for you.

The movie is very faithful, or as faithful as a movie adaptation can be, to the graphic novel. I believe there is an extended cut that will be available on dvd later and I will be looking forward to that.

The pacing of the movie is a little uneven and I guess it was a compromise to fit all the main plot elements into an almost 3 hour running time. For the most part though, it moves along pretty well. I have a feeling some of the early and middle scenes will be elongated in the final cut.

The character development is quite good and much like in the graphic novels, a lot of the story is told in flashbacks.

The stylistic elements of the movie are very well presented, you really do feel like you are in the alternate world being portrayed. Each of the characters fulfills their role adequately and the cgi that is present is not overwhelming. It fits in the theme of things. The action scenes are also very well implemented and there is no compromise with the things we see in this movie as it is R rated and they do not skimp on the details.

The dialogue is probably the only part of the movie that I felt was a lacking. While true to the graphic novels dialogue, it almost feels stilted in some parts, probably due to the time constraints. Still, the primary themes and trademark comments are preserved and well handled.

Overall, I give the movie a solid 4/5 stars. Go in with no expectations and you will be rewarded :)

p.s. the new Star Trek trailer pretty much gives away the whole story. Gotta love it when studios decide to do stupid **** like that :)


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I was very uncertain about this movie, reading the GN a few times I was hoping the moive adaption would not fail. after reading your mini review gives me something to look forward to. :) thanks Saz...


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I am going to see it at 10:40am today, along with my expectations for it I am hoping to see the newest Terminator Salvation trailer, one og the best trailers I have ever seen.


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just got back from watching it, was pretty good and i did like the little bit @ the end
about the journal and how it could throw it all into **** again if it was printed.....

but totaly agree about the pacing in that some bits dragged, while other bits whipped past.

i would give it 3.5/4 out of 5

didnt get to see the star trek trailer over here, saw some great trailers for:

  • xmen
  • terminator
  • lesbian vampire killers
and i forget the rest :p


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Well heny :)

His conclusion doesn't match the events that occured thereby it won't be that contradictory, but it explains things nicely leading upto the final "climax" :)


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I just got back from watching it as well.

I was having high expectations for the film, but I didn't know what those expectations were because I never got to read the graphic novel. I wanted too, and still want too but that allowed me to watch the film without those thoughts.

The pacing was on and off, but to me it was not that bad, nothing that wrecked the film for me. Everything about it was awesome, the style and all. I didn't like the ending as much as everything else, but it was not bad.

I give it a 4/5 stars. And as I said before I was wanting to see that awesome Terminator Salvation trailer, and they played the correct one, LOVE IT!


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I loved it. I only read the book once, and honestly I didn't really like it. Now I'll probably go back and reread it just to soak up some of the nuances. The visuals are amazing, and I'm not just talking special effects. People pick on Zach Snyder use of slow motion (myself included) but he uses it with such skill in this one you can't fault him for it. He pulls off some truly brilliant shots, he's right up there with the David Finchers of the world now. The film earns its R rating so leave the kids at home. (PLEASE).


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2/5 Too much gore, nonsence sex and nudity, made no sence. Looked cartoonish sometimes, and seemed out of order. Mebey if I had read the book, or if the trailers had been more upfront about the movies actual content.

"Wanna see someting weird, out of some freaks head, not at all related to reality, with some sex, dick and killing thrown in? Wanna sit for a long time and be confused about what is happening? Come see this movie!!!!"

And yes, R rated for a very good reason.

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