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[Movie Review] Wall-E


F@H - Is it in you?
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First day, first show :)

I had a choice of watching this or Wanted and figured Wall-E would be the better movie. I'll catch Wanted later this weekend.

The movie follows the expected Pixar norm of a short preceding the feature and this was no exception. A very good quality short with it's own suitabilities but it doesn't compare to Wall-E.

I can't say much without giving away plot details but suffice to say, this is the deepest movie I have seen yet from Pixar and, in my view, it is their best. I enjoyed Cars and Ratatouille delved deeper into relationships and emotions but neither can hold a candle to this masterpiece.

The level of detail is significantly better than previous CG features and it allows us to be drawn in completely to the movie. Dialogue is at a very bare minimum but, like Tom Hanks' Castaway, the body language and situations provide all the information we need.

The story is not exactly revolutionary but I am still thinking back to the feelings evoked and the pure enjoyment :)

5/5 OSNN stars, I can't think of anything bad to say about it :) Will be definitely watching it again this weekend.


F@H - Is it in you?
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To build upon my little review, anyone planning on watching a movie today or later this weekend NEEDS to watch this movie. I cannot stress enough how good a feeling I had leaving the theater :)

I cannot think of a better movie that has been released this decade and to think, this is animation.

Pixar is a team of geniuses. I wish I had stock in the company before Disney bought them :(


Woah.. I'm still here?
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the reviews I've seen and all the review aggregation sites (92% critic reviews and 9.5 user reviews on metacritic and a 97% on rottentomatoes) concur with Saz's opinion.. this is a HIGHLY regarded/reviewed movie.

Gotta make some time to take the kids out to see the movie this weekend before I head to vegas on Sunday..


Beware the G-Man
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Great movie from beginning to end. Story line, well, think of our planet atm and where it's heading as to global warming and the contamination of this Planet. Consequences of said actions and you have a background base. Everything is well done and the unraveling of it all and... well you can just tell that Wall-E is the wrench in the gears of, "the whole thing". Animation similar to The Incredibles but only for certain characters. You will know when you see it/them.

5 of 5 and that's no jive.


Stranger Than Fiction
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This thing is brilliant. Like most Pixar movies it has something for people of all ages. For the adults its a pretty biting satire of our world and the way we live. You won't see many Walmart tie in's for this. In fact I haven't seen any corporate tie ins. Normally McDonalds or someone pimps a toy from a Disney movie. I'm either not paying attention or the movie pissed off someone. Not me though, loved every second of it. WallE has to have the most expressive face of all Pixar creations, which is amazing since he doesn't have a mouth! Easy 5/5 for me. Its one of the top 3 Pixar films and one of the best films of the year.


hardware monkey
Ebert & Roeper (popular movie critic show in the US) really liked it and one said it was his favorite of the year. pretty high praise. also said it might not be suitable for antsy kids as there isn't much dialogue, at least in the beginning.


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Pixar and its team is absolutely amazing. They haven't failed with any of their releases. I own all of their flicks and will be purchasing this one when it is released.

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