[Movie Review] Unforgiven


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I watched this movie when it first came out and decided to give it another look-see what with this wet and dark weekend :(

The movie is, for lack of a better word, a classic. It is simple, well-paced with regular characters, regular settings and regular situations that bring about irregular responses.

History of Violence was in a similar mould, if not for the story, certainly for the other things.

I think Clint Eastwood really out-did himself with this movie. A lot of people will dismiss it as being a simple story with slow pace and lack of action but that misses the whole point.

The entire movie focuses on small things, honor, right, wrong, the power within, life, struggles, emotions. Everyday stuff we ALL deal with and therein lies the beauty of the movie.

It can be split up in 5 distinct "sections", 6 if you want to take the opening as one.

4/5 OSNN Stars. The weather sucked and brought it down a half a point :)


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It is outstanding. Acted and directed by the man himself. I've seen it a few times, but it's been long enough to where I would like to see it again.


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Agreed, excellent movie. Other awesome westerns include Once Upon a Time in the West, The Good the Bad & the Ugly, and Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid. Love them all!

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