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[Movie Review] Ultraviolet

Son Goku

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Well, I''m on now, having seen it before heading home tonight, so I guess I'll start the review. Anyone can add their own, as they with:

The movie itself, has several unexpected twists as the plot develops, which can leave the audience guessing as to who is who, and on what side the arch nemesis in this movie is actually working on behalf of.
In fact, he's an utter amoralist, with no sense of conscience whatsoever. Having nearly whiped out the infected humans, he creates an antigen to kill all humans, so he can control them through their neading of an antidote once a day, which he in fact controls and would sell to people. Think of what Edgars was planning in season 4 of Babylon 5, with the telepath virus, with Edgar Industries controlling the antidote. His intentions were much the same.

The public is kept blissfully unaware of this, throughout most of the movie; thinking his ambitions are much on par with the other humans throughout this entire scenario. To say the least, his dispicability knows no bounds...

On the other hand, Violet herself, presented in the beginning as some kind of an ultimate killer, ends up having more of a human side then she lets on at first, and as some of her antagonists would allow for... The initial portrayal, doesn't totally fit her final actions wrt all of this, as her character developed.

Overall, it was a good watch, and worth the $8.50 (for student discount) I payed for admissions. 4/5 OSNN stars


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Watched this over the weekend because I was a big fan of Equilibrium and the recruit wasn't half bad :cool:

The gun-kata style invented for Equilibrium finds its way into this movie and is used more aggresively and in a more stylized manner. I would personally have preferred a longer cut for some of the fights but when you watch it, you definitely know where you have seen it before.

The story in this movie is very linear and, after the first 10-20 minutes, is fairly predictable. I didn't expect much from the movie and this is probably why I enjoyed it a little more than some other reviewers on other boards.

The cgi goes between being half-decent to being laughable but you have to take it all in teh flow.

The music is decent enough and the pacing of the movie is rapid. There are no real surprises in the movie because you kind of know what the outcome is from the opening monologue, however there are some twists and turns in the middle/end that some may find intriguing.

All round, not a bad pop-corn flick as long as you don't expect too much :cool:

3/5 OSNN Stars.

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