[Movie Review] TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)


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12 Apr 2002
I went to watch the movie this weekend since I really wasn't up for anything else (battled food poisoning all week :( ) and had a few decent experiences.

First and foremost, I was late getting to my seat, graciously kept by my friend, so I missed on the new previews. Bummed me out a little but c'est la vie :cool:

The movie starts off by trying to establish the characters, ostensibly carrying on from the ending of the first movie. The story starts off with an interesting premise to bring some level of plausability to the eventual goings-on in the feature, various characters are introduced (the turtles, one by one).

The music is ace and the pacing of the movie, though woefully uneven, isn't too bad, given the length of the movie. The voice-acting also is pretty decent.

The animation is top-notch, definitely cartoony but really in keeping with the spirit of the TMNT franchise from way back in the day. There is a roof-top fight where you'll end up just staring at the quality of the water drops as they fall on the two protagonists. Really great stuff :)

However, this is also one of the problems I had with the movie, along with the developing elements of the story. A lot of the scary or intense situations simply didn't feel that intense or scary because of the fact that the animations didn't portray them well enough. In "Final Fantasy", there were sequences where I was actually feeling a part of the story, even as badly written as that movie was too. You empathised with many of the characters.

TMNT has good characters and some funny moments (all Mikey btw) but really could have done with perhaps a little blood or a little additional sense of danger beyond raised eye brow ridges (no brows) and the excellent voice-acting trying to portray emotion.

A good effort nonetheless because it doesn't detract too significantly from a relatively fun movie.

The story is a little more of an issue if you really get to the nitty gritty. You will most likely think to yourself, WTF? many times throughout the movie. I know I did and I was being as open-minded as possible. I can sort of understand the beginning but some of the rifts that are introduced are a bit of a stretch of the imagination given the nature of the characters previously.

In the end though, a decent effort. There will likely be a sequel based on the ending of the movie and seeing as the movie IS raking in some money.

Next new movie review will perhaps be for "Grindhouse" :cool: But I have a few others I have watched that I will likely be posting about soon.

TMNT, 3/5 OSNN stars, good nostalgia, flat in many parts and not as engrossing as a true live-action, but a great effort and proof that the turtles franchise still has some life in it :smoker:


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25 Aug 2004
I'm glad to hear that you liked it Sazar, I'm looking forward to seeing this myself. I will most likely wait till it comes to DVD however, doesn't seem like a movie that you -have- to see on the big screen. I partially grew up with the movies and of course the TV show, I'm glad they brought this back. There has been kind of a 90's retro revival going on with TMNT and Transformers. Its all pretty cool if you ask me. :)

Electronic Punk

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2 Dec 2001
So like Superman 3+4, turtles 2+3 never actually happened?
My perception of reality is once again completely skewered.


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21 Mar 2002
I don't really care much for the ninja turtles any more, but I can say for definite that erasing the 3rd film from history wouldn't be a bad move :D


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8 Apr 2005
I was a big fan of this growing up, was always Leo when playing with buddies :eek:

Will have to see this soon hopefully, although I don't seem to make it to the movies anymore :(


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8 Aug 2005
I definitely have to see this due to the nostalgic value. I always liked Donatello. I might wait for it on DVD, though.

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