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[Movie Review] the Last Samurai


F@H - Is it in you?
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ok... one word sums up what this movie is trying to be.. Epic...

we'll get to whether this movie lives up to the billing or not in a bit :)

first off... the acting.. specially by members of the samurai are top notch... tom cruise does a very good job as well... specially in the scenes where he does not say anythng but instead lets his face/his eyes and his actions dictate the emotions he wishes to convey... not of the calibre of russel crowe from Gladiator (ergo not quite oscar worthy) but very powerful nonetheless... still not up to the level of Eyes wide shut though :)

the music and the scenery is breathtaking and I highly recommend watching this movie on a GOOD screen with a GOOD sound system... no matrix this but still you will love the throw back emotions the movie generates...

the story is tight though it does have some moments here and there that could have been handled better... dialogue is above average and there are some really beautiful touches...

now for whether the movie is an epic or not...

I am not quite ready to say it is an epic... however this movie is probably the best experience I have had in a while... it was emotional and really impressed me with the depth of the characters and their strengths and weaknesses... even when seemingly superhuman and stone-like... and the movie does instill a sense of righteousness and HONOR (yes... it is really hammered into the viewer but in a good way)

yes... this movie has failings but teh story and acting as well as the emotional torrents that are unleashed make this one of the better movies of the year...

I give it 4/5 ntfs stars...

a worthy effort and I think a coupla oscar nods may be in order...
My bro just watched it earlier today...called me and said it was great. Must check it out sometime :)

All these red carpet premieres have been taking place right outside campus here...Tom Cruise was here for the Last Samurai premiere last week, and the LOTR cast was here a couple of days ago for the showing of ROTK.
I watched it just the day before I left for India. Awesome movie. The war scenes were really well done, and all the actors did a great job.
Definitely recommended.

Haven't had a chance to watch ROTK yet. Going to have to wait to get back to the US to watch it.


F@H - Is it in you?
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Watched it again tonite, premiere on AMC.

I thought Ken Watanabe deserved an Oscar the first time I saw it, doubly so now. He was robbed.

The strength, courage, conviction and honor he portrayed reflected the life of a samurai and the code of bushido in a manner I have never seen before in an english language movie.

Still one of the most moving films I have seen this decade.

I thought it was worth resurrecting this thread for recognition to one of the better performances on film.


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Yes, I loved this film when it first came out. I ownz the DVD. I've enjoyed watching it many times. It is never boring. All the principals of this film did a first rate job. Even Cruise was very good. :eek: :D

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