[Movie Review] The Forgotten


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went to watch this flick last night with some apprehension...

my lady wanted to watch it and I was open to the idea but I really wnted to watch Sky Captain and the big/shiny objects of tomorrow...

anyways... about the movie :)

the movie starts of well enough and there is a reasonable amount of suspense built-up through the first half hour or so... and then things start getting predictable...

julianna moore does a decent job of acting... actually pretty much all the people do but the story is just so predictable as it goes on that it becomes almost like a burden...

the pacing is varied and is a peeve of mine wrt the movie... it could have been paced more evenly to further the story and keep the audience engrossed...

there are a few amusing bits, though the jury is still out on whether some of them are meant to be funny or are just so stupid they become funny as a consequence...

score-wise the movie is not too badly off... the music is decent though very obviously predictable in various situations...

people like gary sinise could have been given a better character to work with or better character development to flesh them out more... even the main protagonist could have been handled better...

as is the movie is an average/predictable and below-expectations fare for me... really saying something because I really did watch it with an open mind...

it is not boring per se... it is entertaining as well...

just the subject matter, as varied as the results could have been... was not handled well enough to class this movie as something better which it very easily could... and really SHOULD have been..

I give it a 3/5 osnn star rating.. and I am being generous...
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I agree the movie could have been pulled in together better but i think the reason for it being slow paced then fast paced was good because it left the audience not knowing when the timer was going to start and the race was on (figuratively speaking) there were a few times when this movie caught me off guard and I almost dribbled a little in my pants since my girlfriend when she gets scared likes to pinch me

*saw The Forgotten

has anyone else seen it? its an aight movie....i was laughing in lots of the scenes and people were staring at me. like when the lady detective got sucked up randomly into the sky. lol it was friggin hilarious! :D


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Loved the movie. had two girls next to me, both grabbed me at the same time, especially when the detective got sucked up. So i liked the movie :p.


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i ahd two girls next to me grab me at almost the same time every time someone got sucked up, or someone just randomly out of nowhere got taken or hit.

I say it was a success :p