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[Movie Review] The Darjeeling Limited


Stranger Than Fiction
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Oh Wes Anderson... So what if you've made the same movie 5 times now. They're all just so much fun, who cares! The Darjeeling Limited is shown on TV as a story of three brothers trying to reconnect. But its more then that, its the story of trust. Or lack there of. One of the reoccurring lines throughout the first half hour or so is "Don't tell him about that, okay?" The three brothers, whom are apparently very rich, meet up on a train in India. They are invited by their older brother to try a spiritual journey. Not one of them is really all that interested in it though. Secretly the oldest brother (played as only Owen Wilson can play him) plan on getting them to meet up with their estranged mother, who doesn't really want to meet up with them. They go through some bizarre situations, their train gets lost (which is really funny if you think about it) a shoe shine boy steals a shoe (just one) from Owen, they buy a cobra and it escapes. Just odd things that only Wes Anderson would think of. Its quirky fun. If you've liked any of his past movies you'll find something to like here. I'd say its better then The Life Aquatic but not as good as The Royal Tenenbaums.

3.5 / 5 OSNN Stars.

You can apparently download the short film Hotel Chevalier from iTunes for free. It also plays before the film, but it's a good way to know what you're about to see. So download it, if you like it you'll probably like this movie. Even if you don't like it, its got Natalie Portman nearly naked in it. You really can't go wrong.

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