[Movie Review] Taking Lives


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Well... I have very very mixed feelings about this movie...

I watched it last night, having missed out on an opportunity to check it out in the theatres...

the beginning of the movie is probably one of the best I have seen... it really gets you involved and makes you think "what the f***!"

then it starts to unravel... at least in my case...

as soon as the story moves from "back in the day this happened" to "present day" it becomes VERY apparent exactly who does what...

the only reason I stuck round to watching the end was to see just how it would end and believe me it was far from pretty...

to cut things short... IF i was to rate this flick solely on the basis of the first 20 minutes or so the rating would be a lot better..

as is... given the fact that I knew who did what and the movie just completely fell apart in the 2nd half i have to give it a rather low score of 2.5/5 OSNN stars...


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I saw this a the cinema a few months back. I thought it was average, good in places. I would give it 3.5/5


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I watched this last night. I thought it was pretty good. Granted I know who was doing what right away, which was unfortunate, I was enjoying the suspense. Granted the ending made it worth finishing the movie.

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