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[Movie Review] Saw


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The lady wanted to watch this last night... I was personally more inclined to watch "I heart huckabees" but said wtf... lets get all haloweeny and stuff... :cool:

anyways... I am sure you lot have seen the previews and have been like "wow... seems like this might get gory"

well, it sort of does and doesn't... let me explain...

the story itself is not too bad, the plot does not get intermingled with crud and end up being absolute garbage... ie there is something with which to work with here...

there are tense moments throughout and there is a lot of psychological play on the 2 main characters as they approach a deadline by which to take action... by which one will live and one will die... or both will live... or both will die...

which is it going to be?

thats where the problems with the movie start to emerge...

the acting is not bad but cary elwes has had and done far better with his roles than he has the opportunity to in this movie... a little OTT but i still like him... not quite a wesley-esque outing for him, but then there is no buttercup :)

danny glover plays a cop on the trail of a serial "murderer" , whose calling card is a jigsaw puzzle piece... hence the name of the movie, in part...

his role however is infuriatingly minimal and his influence on the movie really is not much... it could have been developed so much better...

all in all its a se7en-ish kinda movie but without the powerhouse performances by the main characters... there is no kevin spacey, no brad pitt no morgan freeman...

cary elwes and leign whannal (or whatever his name is) do build up a rapport but as you will see if you watch the movie.. it is strained...

the positive is the fact that the character development of the main protagonist is well played through... who is he? why is he doing this? what does it all mean?

it is this central theme that keeps the movie from falling apart and elevates it above the level of mediocrity and keeps it chugging along...

pacing is decent though uneven... music is also decent but no great shakes... acting is so-so with some good moments...

overall i give it a 2.5/5 OSNN score...
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