[Movie Review] Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest


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I'll skip the usual pleasantaries. Suffice to say that if you have watched the first one, you'll feel a lot more at home with this sequel.

There is also no clear ending because, as we all know, there is a third installment. However the movie itself is well-paced and character development does continue from the first, although not to the same degree.

The acting is also about the same level as before, though with a lot more emphasis on the character of Jack Sparrow, perhaps too much but if anyone can pull it off, its Johnny Depp, savvy?

A lot of innuendo, visual gags and various other tid-bits are carried over from before and extended, look for them, they do bring a smile to the face ;)

The special effects in this movie are a step up from the first movie, as expected and occasionally they overwhelm the viewer. Unlike Superman Returns where the cgi was so seamless as to be invisible, it is occasionally so OTT that it just doesn't cause the necessary drama or garners the appreciation from the audience (read, me).

I would definitely give this movie a recommendation. I will be watching a Scanner Darkly soon and will post a review of that too.

This movie == 4/5 OSNN stars, simply because it had no ridiculously glaring flaws and because it did not let me down :)


My pet peeve with this movie is near the end with Elizabeth and Sparrow's big scene on the ship. She say's, the kraken wants him and thats why she does it. WTF !!!

She WATCHED HIM ROW AWAY while the ship was being attacked. This is a massive/glaring/noobish flaw. Fortunately, it is established early enough in the movie that it is indeed Sparrow the Kraken is after so I didn't feel to badly. But for the sake of massive visual's and the key change of heart scene, the writer/director conspired to believe that the audience was comprised of retards.

Bad form ol chap, bad form indeed. Savvy?
Loved this movie! Very entertaining. Johnny Depp was brilliant.
Watched it on opening day, so we had a great crowd too...people cheering, bunch of hardcore fans wearing pirate costumes etc. :D


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I'm glad this is getting good reviews. I think I'm going to see it next weekend at a drive-in, which is cool because I've never been to one of those :)


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I thought it was a good money..

But I didn't think it was as good a movie as the first movie. The beginning/middle of the movie seed to drag a little bit. In particular, the whole.. (scene description and rant continued in spoiler tag)

jungle scene.. what was the point of that whole sequence/scene other than to have a static place for Will to find Jack? This whole scene could have been shortened considerably and still achieved the desired result. I would have appreciated at least some ending/conculsion as well.

This whole movie, at the end, left me feeling a little fleeced and, as one movie critic put it, left me feeling like I just watched a 2.5 hour teaser for the third movie.


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Don't remember the exact figures, but I also heard this had the biggest opening in North America ever. Topping what used to be the record from one of the Spider Man flicks.


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Yeah.. broke several records.. biggest single day opening night ($55.5 million - broke Star Wars Ep. 3 by $5.5 million) as well as bigest 3-day opening weekend ($132 million vs $114.8 million for the first Spiderman)

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