[Movie Review] Napoleon Dynamite

11 Mar 2004
HOLY CRAP! i just saw Napoleon Dynamite and my god.. i havent laughed so hard in forever.

i mean

5 out of 5 osnn stars. I Recommend you see this movie if you like a off humor and something diffrent.
I definitely recommend Napoleon Dynamite as well. There are hardly any plotlines, the pacing can be really strange and the characters are hysterical and exaggerated... but all this adds up to a really enjoyable film! I haven't laughed so hard since I saw "Anchorman!"

4/5 OSNN Stars
watched this flick last night and I was disappointed that it did not live up to the hype :(

this is not to say the movie was bad... it certainly was a good effort, and the acting was pretty decent...

on the whole though, the quirky mannerisms which worked in bits and pieces rendered the movie into basically an episodic pacing which I did not personally enjoy at all...

its an ok movie for a weekend I spose... just wasn't my cup of tea... and I enjoy quirky humour :(

basically... you'll either like it or not I think...

3/5 OSNN stars
it was good.. not like 5 star but really well. better than most movies that have been out recently.
I've heard many good things about this movie...Think I'll check it out.
I can see why people might like the movie ... but I didn't. Not once did I LOL in the movie although I did say out loud "wow, this is so fscking stupid" quite a few times.
vern said:
I can see why people might like the movie ... but I didn't. Not once did I LOL in the movie although I did say out loud "wow, this is so fscking stupid" quite a few times.

same here. a few dumb moments but i wouldnt watch it again. wasn't a great movie, but wasn't the ****test movie i've ever seen either. don't believe the hype.
my sentiments exactly... again the quirkiness of this movie will appeal to some and not to others... its a lot like life aquatic with steve zissou... i loved it but i know many people might not like it just because of the nature of the beast...
"napeleon what are you going to do today?"
"goshhhhhh whatever i feel like"

hahha i don';t know if thats direct quotes but something along those lines :)
"what are you doing today, napoleon?"
my friends and i seen the movie about 10+ times and all we do is say quotes from it. The movie is like the show seinfield...its a movie about nothing. I love naploeon and kip :).

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